Author: Steven Waynick

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Gameplay Needs Story (SPOILERS)

Horizon Zero Dawn is only the most recent example of how storytelling in an open world can be done right. This game proves once again that gameplay and storytelling can go hand in hand, rather than one being used as a crutch for the other. ...

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Team Liquid Holding Tryouts For Possible Lineup Changes

After a less than stellar performance thus far, Team Liquid could be making some drastic changes to their lineup, including a possible role swap for their ADC, Piglet. Things are being shaken up on Team Liquid.  After a disappointing s...

Tales of Berseria Review (PS4)

Tales of Berseria is a delightfully dark departure for the Tales series, forgoing the traditional high-fantasy JRPG hero's quest for a classic tale of revenge. After nearly twelve years and seventeen entries, does Tales of Berseria maintai...

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STANDBY, the ironically named techno action platformer that has you doing anything but! Does it stand up against the top competitors in its genre? Or does it fall short of that final jump to greatness? Let's leap our way into some answer...

6.9 Fair

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