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LOL Bel'Veth teasers and abilities revealed

LOL Bel’Veth abilities and teasers revealed

LOL's new void jungler will be released soon, as Riot has released new Bel'Veth teasers and some recognized leakers have revealed Bel'Veth abilities. The champion is expected to hit the rift soon as the new jungler Riot teased a while ago, ...

How to earn coins fast in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

How to Earn Coins in FIFA 22 FUT

In FIFA Ultimate Team, it doesn't matter if you are new or experienced, you will need coins to play and this guide will tell you how to earn them. Have you ever thought, "wow I need that Ronaldo card, but I can't afford it, how can I earn c...

LOL patch 12.9 preview:

LOL Patch 12.9 Preview: Reworks and Lots of New Skins

The new LOL patch 12.9 will come out strong on May 11th with two new reworks, some champion changes, and almost a dozen of new skins. Riot is planning to tone down some strong meta picks and revive two forgotten junglers with reworks; while...

Microsoft and Sony Set to Include Ads in Their Free-To-Play Games

Microsoft and Sony Set to Include Ads in Free Games

In an era in which advertising is everywhere, video game companies are starting to look for ways to implement ads in our favorite free games. As such, Microsoft and Sony are thinking of implementing ads in their free games in order to get m...

In My Shadow Review: A Lacking Platforming Puzzle (PS4)

In My Shadow Review: A Lacking Platforming Puzzle (PS4)

In My Shadow is a platforming, puzzle game built around controlling shadows, light, and perspective, and it delivered on gameplay; but it is not enough. The story, while sad and even relatable, is not engaging and the game is truly lacking ...

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League of Legends 12.7 patch changes

LOL Patch 12.7: Huge Changes Before MSI Invitationals

League of Legends patch 12.7 is full of adjustments ahead of the MSI mid-season invitationals. Huge changes are in the way for Zeri, Pantheon, and Wukong; while the inting brothers, Yasuo and Yone, are getting buffed and some powerful items...

How Can Riot Games' Growth Impact the Gaming Industry

How Can Riot Games’ Growth Impact the Gaming Industry?

Riot Games has expanded and branched into other gaming and entertaining sectors and has succeeded, so what changes will this cause in the gaming industry? Can other companies copy what Riot has done? Will this become an industry standard? A...