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Warframe Announces iOS Closed Beta Test Ahead of Its Mobile Game Launch

Warframe takes the next step towards a full mobile release by announcing closed beta testing for iOS users. Registration for access to the test has been ongoing since December 6, 2022, and signups are still available.

Warframe Announces iOS Closed Beta Test Ahead of Its Mobile Game Launch

On July 16, 2022, Warframe announced its continued plans for mobile development amongst other features. The team developing Warframe Mobile reached their milestone after over a year and on December 6, 2022, had begun inviting players to join the closed beta testing for iOS devices. 

As of writing this, players can still register for the closed beta. While registering does not guarantee access to the beta, If an opening becomes available, they will receive an email containing a link to download TestFlight via the App Store. From there, they will be able to download the Warframe beta.

Warframe Mobile - CBT Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay (Android/IOS)

All Warframe features such as voice chat, monetization, and high quality performance will not be available during the test period. There will be a limited amount of content, but there is a possibility of more content and game features being added in the future, as there currently is no set end date for the test period.

According to the game’s iOS closed beta FAQ, the goal is to provide the full Warframe experience once the mobile version launches, which will be in the near future. Once the test concludes, game progress will be deleted but players will be able to provide feedback of all sorts on the Warframe Forum.

Source: Warframe iOS Closed Beta Announcement & FAQ

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