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Waframe Developer Unveils Roadmap for Their Spring Content Update Cycle

Warframe Developer Unveils Roadmap for Their Spring Content Update Cycle

A recent developer video shows what is to come to Warframe during the Spring update cycle and it has a little something for everyone. From a new frame, a Prime version of a beloved old one, new quests...

Digital Extremes Will Shrink Warframe Size Soon

Digital Extremes Will Shrink Warframe Size Soon

Warframe’s size is going to take up much less space in your PC, more specifically, around 15 GB over the course of several updates. Digital Extremes announced in a forum post that the first of these u...

How To Get Your First Necramech In Warframe’s Heart Of Deimos

This guide will detail the steps to get your very first Necramech in Warframe’s Heart of Deimos, hopefully as fast as possible. You’ll have to get through the first bits of the brand new content and g...

Warframe Steel Path Beginner's Guide

Warframe Steel Path Beginners Guide

Warframe’s Steel Path is its newest attempt at a hard mode, so check out this beginners guide to know how it works and some tips to master it. You'll have to re-do the entire star chart, but this time...

Everything You Need To Know About Warframe’s Heart Of Deimos

Warframe's Heart of Deimos update hits all consoles on August 25, packed with an albeit smaller open world than what we’re used to with the Orb Vallis and the Plains of Eidolon, but between mech ridin...

Warframe Build Guide – Gauss

All hail the new speed king - Gauss. While Volt remains useful and will always have a special place in our heart, Gauss is entirely built around his insane speed and is very fun to play with. So our b...

Warframe: Saint Of Altra Update Adds Guitar Mini-Game

The Warframe Saint of Altra update has introduced many new features for the game. Earlier this week, the speedy character Gauss was introduced and now a new mini-game has been added. Featuring an inst...

Warframe Build Guide – Hildryn

Our Hyldrin build is no joke as we take full advantage of the herculean cyborg to both take the pain to the enemies while buffing our allies. Oh, we also play into the fact that she is the absolute ch...

Warframe Build Guide: Nekros

Many players regard Nekros as a one-trick pony and simply use his desecrate ability to increase loot drops. The lord of the dead is, however, much more than that. He can have high survivability for en...

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