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Warframe Devstream 165 Recap: Echoes of Veilbreaker Release, Duviri Paradox Delayed, and (Much) More

Here is everything you need to know about the 165th Warframe Devstream. With a release date for Echoes of Veilbreaker, the delay of the Duviri Paradox, a new update coming called Lua's Prey, the Wolf Warframe being named, and much, much more, this Devstream had an absolutely massive amount of information to cover.

Warframe Devstream 165 Recap: Echoes of Veilbreaker Release, Duviri Paradox Delayed, and (Much) More

Digital Extremes streamed their 165th Warframe Devstream just this past Friday. In it, they covered a ton of information regarding 3 different updates coming. From Echoes of Veilbreaker, to the Duviri Paradox, and the newly-announced Lua’s Prey in between, here’s everything you need to know from Warframe Devstream 165.

Echoes of Veilbreaker Update

Echoes of Veilbreaker is the very next update coming to Warframe. The update will be released on November 2nd. The update was initially revealed last Devstream.

The main feature of this update will be the new story and enemies Kahl-175 will have to face during Veilbreaker missions. As discussed in the last Devstream, Sprag and Ven’kra Tel will be playing a part in the Veilbreaker story. They will become bosses that the player as Kahl can fight. During the stream, DE showed some gameplay of a sniper duel between Kahl and Venk’ra.

The rewards of these missions and their challenges will also be streamlined. Progressive challenges, such as finding 5 items during a mission, will become more forgiving, as the mission will be overstocked with these items.

Ven’kra Tel will appear in the Prison Break mission, whereas Sprag will be encountered in the Junk Run mission.

This image contains a shorthand list of all of the new things coming in Echoes of Veilbreaker.

This image contains a shorthand list of all of the new things coming in Echoes of Veilbreaker.

There will be other changes and additions in this update, including:

  • Updated models for Sprag and Ven’kra in Void Sabotage missions
  • Streamlining the methods of getting Stock:
    • Challenges will become cumulative over multiple missions
    • More combat-focused challenges will be made
  • New cosmetics
    • Venkra Tel’s sniper rifle skin
    • Sprag’s hammer skin
    • Styanax alternate helmet
    • 2 Archon Shard ephemeras
  • Various Captura QOL updates
  • Ember Starter Pack, including the Ember Warframe, Nikana melee weapon, and more

Duviri Paradox Delayed

Originally slated for a Winter 2022 release, DE announced that they are delaying Warframe’s next major expansion, The Duviri Paradox, into 2023. Creative Director Rebecca Ford stated the following during the Warframe Devstream:

At the end of the [Tennocon 2022 Duviri Paradox] trailer, we told you “Winter 2022,” and frankly, that’s just not gonna happen; we need more time.

However, there is a new update coming in The Duviri Paradox’s stead.

Lua’s Prey Announcement

Lua’s Prey will be the Warframe update coming in Winter 2022. This update, according to Ford, will be “a classic Warframe update,” bringing “core bits” to endless missions, specifically those on Lua. Lua’s Prey will also bring the 51st Warframe into the game.

Likewise for Echoes of Veilbreaker, this image contains a list of the new things coming in Lua's Prey.

Likewise for Echoes of Veilbreaker, this image contains a list of the new things coming in Lua’s Prey.

New Warframe: Voruna

The new Warframe will be the Wolf-inspired Frame that’s been shown in the past. As part of their charity campaign, DE conducted a poll for what this Warframe’s name would be. Announced in Warframe Devstream 165, her name is officially Voruna.

Voruna’s wolf heads that adorn her shoulders and legs are said to not only be the four wolves that she once commanded, but they also contribute to her abilities. DE said in the stream that Voruna doesn’t have a passive ability on her own, but will gain one through whichever wolf she calls upon.

They continue by saying that each wolf will also correspond to a specific niche, such as aggression or stealth. Each wolf was also named the 2nd-5th place names in the poll for Voruna’s name: Rashk, Dynar, Lycath, and Ulfran.

Voruna's WIP model. Each wolf head will correspond to an ability she can cast.

Voruna’s WIP model. Each wolf head will correspond to an ability she can cast.

Voruna will be arriving in Lua’s Prey alongside a signature melee weapon and primary weapon. The melee weapon is described as a greataxe, while the primary weapon was said to be “an energy sniper rifle.” Both had concept art shown on stream.

Gameplay of Lua’s Prey

Warframe: Lua’s Prey’s main play space on Lua will be a new endless mode called Conjunction Survival. There are several features that separate Conjunction Survival from normal Survival:

  • It is the main way to earn parts for Voruna.
  • There will be new lore in a part of the map called the “Masterpiece Tile.”
  • There are pockets of monochromatic areas around the map, hinting at connections to The Duviri Paradox. They give players certain, unknown buffs.
  • Every 5 minutes, a “variant enemy” will spawn that drains life support while it lives.
  • There will be two modes that differ in enemy level and difficulty, with the harder mode giving more weight to rarer rewards.
  • Necramechs are confirmed to be deployable in this mission, as hinted in the tweet announcing the Warframe Devstream:

Other Additions in Lua’s Prey

  • Xaku Deluxe skin
  • A Lotus skin
  • A rework to Grendel
  • Changes to Yareli
    • Forgiveness added to her passive ability
    • Enemies captured by Sea Snares take double damage
    • Yareli will remain on Merulina when shifting into operator mode (the same will apply for all Warframes on K-Drives)
    • Riptide on first press will create a suction water ball that explodes after a timer or second input, holding the button activates the ability as it functions currently
  • Voidshell skins for Grendel, Mag, and Frost
  • Nightwave Vol. 3
    • Will include numerous new cosmetics, including a series of real-world weapon skins for pistols called the Protokol series.

Other Information

The information from hereon doesn’t pertain to one particular update, but rather exists as numerous concepts whose release schedules are unknown. Here is some vital information about other mechanics and features being developed.

Self-Damage in Warframe

Self-damage is being slated to return at some point. It was removed and replaced with self-stagger in 2020, wherein standing too close to your own explosive weapon will cause your Warframe to react. This can range from a minor flinch to completely falling to the ground. Because of this, as Ford puts it, the mod Primed Sure Footed “is sort of the mandatory mod if you want to be using those weapons.”

A prototype of how self-damage may look in the future was shown. While it was stated that the team is “not 100% sure” what they will be doing with these changes, here are the mechanics of this self-damage prototype:

  • All self-damage will bypass shield-gating.
  • The maximum amount of damage you can do to yourself is 75% of your total shields + health.
  • There is falloff, dealing only 25% of your total shields + health at max range.
  • Multishot and cluster-bomb projectiles will not deal self-damage.
  • Self-damage is halved on direct hits on enemies.
  • The self-damage blast radius is shorter than the blast radius for enemies.
  • Self-stagger is gone.

Warframe Content Creator Triburos on YouTube made a video during the time when self-damage was in the game, and why it was so maligned.

DE’s reasoning for these changes is explained by Ford, who stated the following:

The intended outcome of this change is that you just will be more careful with your massive AOE room-clearers. You need to exercise aiming and a little bit of caution when you’re using the — frankly often — most powerful room-clearing weapons in the game.

She also said that, because the enemies’ rapid and numerous spawning is not in the players’ control, self-damage for hitting them is reduced.

Status of Cross Play in Warframe

Warframe Devstream 165 also gave information about the ongoing cross play tests. At this time, Xbox and PC players are able to play together, and it will stay like this for the foreseeable future. Future tests will be conducted similarly to how DE has done so before.

At DE’s discretion, cross play will go live for some time. Which platform(s) will join cross play, as well as for how long and when, are unknown. DE has also expressed that this is a priority feature, and after cross play is officially released, cross save between platforms will come next.

A short-term roadmap for Warframe. Throughout both Lua's Prey and The Duviri Paradox, crossplay will continue testing.

A short-term roadmap for Warframe. Throughout both Lua’s Prey and The Duviri Paradox, crossplay will continue testing.

Enhanced Rendering

Enhanced rendering in Warframe is a graphics setting that improves the visuals of Warframe. It allows Warframe’s look to keep up with current gen consoles. In the same vein, DE also uses their classical rendering techniques to keep the graphics manageable for lower-end PC’s and past-gen consoles.

Their goal now is to slowly phase out the classical rendering in favor of enhanced rendering before the release of The Duviri Paradox. At the same time, they want to ensure that this sunsetting does not majorly affect players with lower-end specs.

Enhanced rendering would allow for more detailed and intricate customization options, such as face tattoos.


  • Saryn and Valkyr Prime will be coming to the Prime Resurgence reward pool November 2nd
  • Moframe will be returning for Movember
    • Warframes will be gaining mustaches
    • A mustache-themed Captura contest will be held
  • Tennogen artists will no longer be held to deadlines. DE will instead review submissions on a frequent interval schedule


With this article, you should have an abridged knowledge of all the important bits of information given in Warframe Devstream 165. There was a huge amount of information given compared to last Devstream, so more in-depth details can be found on the official Warframe Twitch channel, where you can see past VOD’s of Devstreams and other streams DE has aired.

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