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Warframe Build Guide – Atlas

Atlas is the titan Warframe that's as solid as a mountain rock. Being one of the oldest Warframes we've covered, we figured we'd embrace the meme of his one-punch-frame nickname and build around his landslide ability. So we bring you a build that will take you to some pretty high-level missions using only the power of his fists.

Waframe Build Guide - Atlas


Atlas Warframe has been called many names – the mountain, the bedrock, the titan. Or you could be like me and call him meat boy because his basic skin makes him look like he hung up a piece of raw meat around his neck as a scarf. One other thing I, and many others, like to call him is the “one-punch frame”. Well, we are going to play into that and make Atlas into either a one-hit killing machine or a one-hit killing machine that crowd-controls any enemies that are left standing. So without further ado, let’s get into the build.


The two builds showcased here are fairly simple strength-focused ones. Furthermore, as they are built mainly around his first ability – Landslide, the strength of which depends on your melee weapon – we have a weapon build to round out the package. They require 0-1 forma and use primed mod variants, but you can use the regular mods that have the stats necessary for the build to work.


Warframe Build Guide - Atlas Landslide One Punch

The aura mod on both of these builds is the steel charge which will increase your melee damage and keep these builds fairly forma efficient. The first build is entirely strength focused with high efficiency so you can spam that landslide and absolutely wreck any and all enemies with one hit all the way up to and around level 60.


Warframe Build Guide - Atlas Path of Statues

The second build, reduces the power strength, so you have a bit less hitting power but instead gives you primed flow so you can spam it more often. What the second build does is it adds the landslide augment mod – Path of Statues. This mod will make your landslide deal damage as well as provide a certain level of crowd control. With this mod equipped, landslide hits will generate floating stones which will petrify enemies upon contact, leaving them vulnerable to your other abilities or weapons.

Additionally, the high strength level of these builds will make your second ability, the bulwark, more useful. High strength means that the wall generated by bulwark will have more health and will do more damage should you choose to launch it toward enemies.


Warframe Build Guide - Atlas Jat Kittag synergy

To further boost the insane level of landslide damage, you need to have a strong damage dealing melee weapon – preferably one that primarily deals impact damage. For the purpose of this build, we chose the Jat Kittag but you can change it to any weapon of your preference. Most mods on the weapon are focused on increasing its damage and combo counter which also feeds the damage level of the landslide.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used 

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