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Warframe Build Guide – Limbo

The rift walker frame - Limbo has been somewhat of a troll frame with many players leaving matches as soon as they see one in a team composition. Well after some tweaks and reworks to his abilities, he became a much more versatile team player. We bring you a build to take advantage of this fact that will also take you all the way to endgame.

Warframe Build Guide - Limbo


We absolutely love Limbo since his cataclysm ability was reworked in a way that allows allies to kill enemies that find themselves within its area of effect. So we bring you 3 builds that will take advantage of this and make him viable in many missions all the way to the end-game.


The three builds below each have their place in Warframe depending on what mission you are playing and against which faction. They are all easily end-game material and you can make them work in any team composition. Although they require one forma and use primed mod variants, you can use the regular mods to emphasize stats needed for the builds to work.

High Duration/High Range/Efficiency Combo

High Duration/High Range/Efficiency Combo
This is a fairly standard combination of mods if you want Limbo’s fourth ability – cataclysm to encompass a huge area. When coupled with his second ability – stasis, it will cause any and all enemies that cross its threshold to be stuck in place for some easy pickings. Duration mods ensure that these abilities will last you a good while before needing to be recast while the substantial energy pool with increased efficiency means it won’t be a problem to do just that. It’s an awesome build for any type of mission when going up against the Grineer and not so much against the Corpus and the corrupted as they have nullifiers that will disable your cataclysm.

Insane Duration/Low Range Combo

Insane Duration/Low Range Combo
This Limbo build is the answer to the above problem of going against Corpus or corrupted enemies and their nullifiers. All the duration mods will ensure that cataclysm will last for an insane amount of time and the negative range will make it encompass only the defense target or you and your squadmates if you require a bit of respite.

Insane Range/High Duration/Rift Torrent Combo

Insane Range/High Duration/Rift Torrent Combo
The final Limbo build is a hybrid of sorts that puts a larger emphasis on his third ability – rift surge, along with cataclysm and stasis. The equipped mods will make it so that the cataclysm will encompass a huge area while still lasting a good amount of time. Cast stasis to freeze the enemies in place and then use the augmented rift surge to make Limbo do up to 30% more damage to the affected enemies.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used 

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