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Warframe Developer Unveils Roadmap for Their Spring Content Update Cycle

A recent developer video shows what is to come to Warframe during the Spring update cycle and it has a little something for everyone. From a new frame, a Prime version of a beloved old one, new quests, skins and cosmetics, there seems to be more than enough to bring you back to the acclaimed looter shooter.

Waframe Developer Unveils Roadmap for Their Spring Content Update Cycle Cover

Digital Extremes, the developer behind the immensely popular Warframe has revealed what is coming to the game in the next few months. The Spring content update cycle will add a nice mix of inclusions: from cool new skins and cosmetics to significant gameplay changes and new toys to play around with.

Currently ongoing is Warframe’s St. Valentine’s Day event called Star Days. During this event you will be able to trade in bonds with one of Fortuna’s traders, Ticker, in exchange for some fancy love-themed rewards. On offer are Glyphs, weapon skins and a color palette in the pinkish, red and white hue so popular at this time of year. The best reward seems to be a couple of wing pairs that will make your frame gorgeously deadly. The event ends on February the 24th so there is still time to get these sweet new skins.

The Lunar Renewal is going to be another skin focused event, released in celebration of, you guessed it, the Chinese new year. Starting on February the 16th and ending of March the 5th, this event will introduce special Alerts that will allow you to get various themed weapon skins.

Sevagoth's quest will have a distinct Flying Dutchman flavor, developer say

Sevagoth’s quest will have a distinct Flying Dutchman flavor, developer say

For those that are interested in more gameplay related additions, the Prime version of Octaiva is drawing near. Expected to be released on February the 23rd, the fancy new upgrade will surely bring the party up (and blow some baddies up, of course).

Unfortunately, DE did not share much information regarding its most substantial inclusion coming this spring. Still, what we know is curious and definitely exciting. The Call of the Temptation update aims to rework the Railjack portion of Warframe integrating it further to the core gameplay loop. How exactly is this going to be done is yet to be disclosed. While it does not seem as meaty as the Deimos update, such changes may greatly improve Warframe‘s core gameplay which may be even better overall. The update will also bring a new quest and a new Frame with it. The long waited Sevagoth will terrorize your enemies, releasing its shadow on them and eventually sending them to the Shadow Realm where they belong.

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