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Warframe: Saint Of Altra Update Adds Guitar Mini-Game

The Warframe Saint of Altra update has introduced many new features for the game. Earlier this week, the speedy character Gauss was introduced and now a new mini-game has been added. Featuring an instrument inspired by Japanese Shamisen, pl...

Warframe Nightwave is Live: What To Expect

Warframe has today dropped another surprise for faithful Tenno across the galaxy. In Digital Extremes' ongoing mission to deliver second-to-none customer service, their latest update replaces Warframe’s Alert system with Nightwave - a pira...

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Warframe’s TennoCon Crazy Reveals!

Since last huge TennoCon reveal in the form of Plains Of Eidolon, the first open-world experience ever added to Warframe, we were told they would keep working in the same direction. Hence, one of the additions fans were expecting to be unve...

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Warframe Raises The Dead In Latest Update

Since the Plains of Eidolon update dropped for Warframe, all Tenno stood in wonder. It was the biggest update developer Digital Extremes had ever applied to their ever expanding game. The latest update applies to to the Plains and gives Ten...

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Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon Will Be Available Very Soon

Warframe fans have been waiting for sometime on news from Digital Extremes on their biggest update ever - The Plains of Eidolon. On the official Warframe website, it has been announced that Plains of Eidolon will be releasing this week for ...

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Chains of Harrow Brings New Content To Warframe

The free-to-play hit Warframe has a brand new update on consoles. Chains of Harrow brings a new Tenno, a new horror themed quest, new weapons and much more. Welcome back Tenno! Digital Extremes, developer of the free-to-play hit Warframe, h...

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Warframe – The Glast Gambit update is out for PC players

Warframe gives PC gamers one more holiday gift with "The Glast Gambit" update. Check out two new videos and update highlights inside. Independent developer and publisher, Digital Extremes, dropped one last gift under the Christmas tree this...

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Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon now on Wii U’s Virtual Console!

The Nintendo DS title Demon's Crest is now available on the Virtual Console for the Wii U. More games to follow! Prince Marth and his band of loyal followers are the last hope in freeing Archanea. Alternate turns with the enemy, and shape u...

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Warframe gets big new PC update

Warframe has gotten a new big update on PC called 'The War Within.' A new update called 'The War Within' has been released for the PC version of Warframe. There is currently no word on whether the update will come to the console v...

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