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Digital Extremes Will Shrink Warframe Size Soon

Warframe’s size is going to take up much less space in your PC, more specifically, around 15 GB over the course of several updates. Digital Extremes announced in a forum post that the first of these updates will free up 6.5 GB, and will require 6.5 GB update to do this.

Digital Extremes Will Shrink Warframe Size Soon

When it comes to taking up space on your hardware, a couple of games come to mind (looking at you, Warzone), and Warframe was never among them. The free-to-play space ninja simulator takes up around 43 GB once fully installed (according to my current folder size). For comparison, Ghost of Tsushima made rounds in the news when it was announced that they’d only require 50 GBs. These days it’s normal to see some games easily require at least 100 GB, so it was always nice to see such a big title like Warframe rein itself in. It should also be noted that this is something that will eventually hit all consoles, so it’s positive for everyone involved. 

Well, Warzone should take note because Digital Extremes has confirmed that they’ll be freeing up around 15 GB in your hard drive with some new remastering updates hitting PCs soon. In the official forum post titled “The Great Ensmallening”, they detailed just how these changes will work. Feel free to read the whole thing if you’re interested in the technicalities, but this tweet by the official Warframe account summarizes the size changes coming soon pretty well. 

Do you think more games should try to optimize their hard drive real estate, or do you think they’re justified? Do you think Warframe’s size is an issue? Let us know in the comments below!

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