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Warframe Devstream 166 Recap: Voruna Gameplay, Baruuk Prime, Lua’s Prey Trailer, and More

Warframe Devstream 166 was streamed this past Monday. In it, we were shown gameplay of the new Warframe, Voruna, and her abilities in the new game mode coming in Lua's Prey, as well as Baruuk Prime, Xaku Deluxe, new Tenet weapons, Warframe reworks, and more coming in the Lua's Prey update and beyond.


Digital Extremes streamed Warframe Devstream 166 just this past Monday. The main star of the show was the first look at gameplay of the new Warframe, Voruna, and her abilities. Also shown in game was the new Primed Warframe coming later, Baruuk Prime, as well as many other features within Lua’s Prey. Here’s everything covered within Warframe Devstream 166.

Lua’s Prey Release

Starting off the stream was a cinematic trailer for Lua’s Prey. Here is the trailer posted on YouTube by Digital Extremes:

Warframe | Lua’s Prey Official Cinematic Teaser

Lua’s Prey released on November 30th. After this trailer, we entered into the Voruna showcase.

Voruna Showcase — Weapons, Abilities, and Cosmetics

DE showed the 51st Warframe, Voruna, in action for the first time in Warframe Devstream 166. Voruna’s abilities were described as they were shown within the new Conjunction Survival game mode. Here is a quick breakdown of each of her abilities:

Passive: Voruna actually has no active passive ability at the start of a mission. Instead, she has four different passives through her abilities. She can have one passive active at a time through holding an ability button.

Shroud of Dynar: Voruna goes invisible for a duration, or until she attacks. For a short time, melee attacks will inflict bleed, and have vastly increased critical damage and status chance. Melee kills extend that buff. When held, her passive ability increases her parkour velocity.

Fangs of Raksh: Voruna attacks an enemy, giving them 5 random status effects, each at 10 stacks. Killing the target spreads the status effects to nearby enemies. When held, her passive ability makes Voruna more resistant to status effects.

Lycath’s Hunt: For a duration, Voruna’s melee kills will create health orbs, while headshot kills generate energy orbs. Killing enemies with 5 or more status effects increases the duration of this ability. When held, Voruna’s passive ability grants her increased heavy attack efficiency.

Ulfrun’s Descent: Dropping to all fours, Voruna gains a special attack that can be used 5 times per cast. This attack deals increases in damage with each lethal blow from the ability, and when attacking an enemy affected by status effects. When held, Voruna’s passive ability allows her to survive lethal damage once before it must recharge.

Voruna is the 51st Warframe, and arrived with two signature weapons.

Voruna is the 51st Warframe, and arrived with two signature weapons.

Voruna is a very aggressive, melee-focused Warframe, the devs explained. Aside from gameplay, Voruna will also be getting her own Leverian entry, just like the recent Warframes. She will also be getting a Voidshell skin, an alternate helmet, and a signature Ephemera.

Expect a guide on how to get, build, and play Voruna soon.

Conjunction Survival

Conjunction Survival is the new game mode coming to Warframe in Lua’s Prey. It has the same rules as standard Survival, but DE added some new twists on top:

  • There are two nodes for this game type only on Lua
    • One is more difficult — but more rewarding — than the other
  • Monochromatic areas in the mission grant special buffs to Warframes
  • A Dax NPC wanders the tileset. Standing in his aura grants bonuses to Ability Strength and Casting Speed
  • Players can use Nechramechs within the missions for 2 minutes on a 10-minute cooldown
  • Every 5 minutes, two Lua Thrax enemies will spawn, quickly draining life support
Yonta on the Zariman will let you exchange Lua Thrax Plasm for the rewards normally associated with Conjunction Survival.

Yonta on the Zariman will let you exchange Lua Thrax Plasm for the rewards normally associated with Conjunction Survival.

This game mode is the primary way in which players can obtain the new rewards coming in this update, including Voruna, her weapons, and new Arcanes. Alternatively, players can purchase the rewards as a form of bad luck protection.

Conjunction Survival guarantees a new resource called Lua Thrax Plasm for each reward rotation. As the name implies, it’s also obtained as a drop from Lua Thrax. Players can turn in Lua Thrax Plasm to Yonta in the Chrysalith on the Zariman for the same rewards.

Grendel Warframe Rework

DE has reworked the abilities of the Grendel. They stated in a video that Grendel’s current design was disruptive to other players. To alleviate this, Grendel received the following changes:

Grendel's abilities will be changed in order to make his play experience more streamlined and less disruptive.

Grendel’s abilities will be changed in order to make his play experience more streamlined and less disruptive.

Passive: Grendel receives 250 armor per swallowed enemy, rather than 50.

Feast: Grendel now can only have 5 enemies at a time in his gut. A new UI shows the enemies he’s consumed. Consumed enemies no longer drain energy. Gourmand Augment Mod grants 150 additional armor per consumed enemy.

Nourish: Grendel gains all buffs from the ability upon casting, rather than one at a time. Along with granting a set amount of health, Nourish grants double efficiency on energy orbs, bonus Viral damage on weapons, and an automatic shockwave that triggers when attacked, dealing Viral damage and 10 stacks of the Viral status effect.

Pulverize: This ability is now in the third slot. Castable without enemies in Grendel’s gut at the cost of an energy drain. Grendel can use his other abilities while Pulverize is active. DE has inproved and tightened Pulverize’s movement mechanics. Grendel regenerates health over time; the rate of this heal decays the longer Grendel is in this form.

Regurgitate: This ability is now his fourth. Shoot out an enemy in Grendel’s gut to damage targets with Toxin damage in an area. At base, this strips 70% of affected enemies’ armor.

Yareli Buffs

Yareli also got some changes to her abilities. All of her abilities received changes to increase their potency or ease of use.

Yareli is getting numerous buffs to her abilities.

Yareli is getting numerous buffs to her abilities.

Passive: Lasts for 1 second upon stopping movement, instead of immediately ending.

Sea Snares: Captured enemies receive triple the normal damage they would take, including enemies immune to crowd control effects.

Merulina: Similar to abilities such as Iron Skin, Merulina’s health will increase as it’s being damaged for 4 seconds after being cast. Yareli becomes invulnerable during this time. Transferring to Operator mode will now retain Merulina for Yareli.

Riptide: Tap to create the Riptide bubble for a duration, exploding with either manual input or at the end of the duration. Hold to cast as the ability was.

Other Changes and Additions for Lua’s Prey:

  • Xaku Kagura and Lotus Amaga skins added (part of the Xaku Deluxe offer):
  • Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Volume 3 is active
    • This offers the new Protokol pistol skins
  • Voidshell Skins for Grendel, Frost, and Mag
  • Various Conclave balance changes
    • Various weapons removes
    • Atlas no longer petrifies enemies when casting Rumblers
    • Shield gating and melee auto-block have been removed
  • Miscellaneous balance changes
    • Health Orbs give 50 health instead of 25
    • Trinity’s Well of Life’s range got increased, and now protects allies from status effects
    • Some semi-automatic weapons will have their rate of fire reduced in exchange for higher damage and/or reload speed
  • Crossplay bugs fixed
  • Arcane segment for the Arsenal
  • New Tenet weapons
    • Tenet Plinx and Tenet Ferrox
  • Armor UI Indicator to show how much armor has been stripped from an enemy
  • 3rd round of Warframe Augment mod buffs, for Warframes S-Z

Baruuk Prime Access

Announced in Warframe Devstream 166, the next Warframe to get a Prime variant will be Baruuk. Baruuk Prime Access begins on December 14. This Prime Access also includes the Afuris Prime, Cobra and Crane Prime, and various cosmetics within a purchasable bundle.

Baruuk will be getting the Prime treatment next.

Baruuk will be getting the Prime treatment next.

Want to learn how to build him in preparation for his Prime Access? Check out this Baruuk guide here.

Warframe Crossplay

As of December 2, DE has enabled cross-platform play across all consoles that support Warframe. Previously, only Xbox and PC players could play together. Now, those two platforms can connect with players on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch as well.

Tenno from every platform can now play together.

Tenno from every platform can now play together.

DE have stated that they would not announce crossplay’s launch for testing purposes. For the time being, all players from every platform can matchmake and party up with any other platform on which Warframe is available.

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