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Warframe Devstream Recap: Revenant Prime, Wolf Warframe Name, and More

Digital Extremes recently streamed their 164th Devstream, which showcased reveals such as Revenant Prime, the final artistic design for the new Wolf Warframe, and the next update to close out the Veilbreaker story. They also reflected on the previous Veilbreaker content drop and some of its changes, as well as new changes with which they're experimenting.


Digital Extremes streamed their 164th Warframe Devstream just this past Friday on Twitch. In it, they revealed the next update to come, as well as the next Prime Warframe, the progress on the next Warframe, and a naming contest for her that will go towards charity. They also spoke about balance changes that are being experimented with, as well as changes made with Veilbreaker. Here’s a recap of the latest Warframe Devstream.

Revenant Prime Warframe

The next Prime Access will star Revenant Prime, alongside the Prime versions of his signature weapons, the Phantasma shotgun and the Tatsu two-handed Nikana. This Prime Access will start Wednesday, October 5th.

Wolf-Themed Warframe

Debuting at Tennocon, this currently unnamed Warframe received her final default color scheme.

The new wolf-themed Warframe's final design is depicted on the left. On the right are various concept color schemes.

The new wolf-themed Warframe’s final design is depicted on the left. On the right are various concept color schemes.

Her name will be decided by popular vote through a fundraiser. The Design Council, a group of community members who have a say in certain Warframe design aspects, will be submitting ideas for this new Warframe’s name over the next “couple of weeks,” according to Community Director Megan Everett.

After hitting a certain fundraising goal, DE will compile a short list of names and open a poll to the community. Warframe is partnering with the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in their Quest to Conquer Cancer, in which both the official Twitch channel and many Warframe streamers will be holding fundraising streams to raise money and awareness of breast cancer. After raising $80,000, DE will open the naming poll to the community. There is no official release date for this Warframe yet.

Warframe: Echoes of Veilbreaker

Veilbreaker will be getting an epilogue update, called Echoes of Veilbreaker. This update will be “a version of things that are either very feedback driven [or] we just needed a bit more time on,” as put by Creative Director Rebecca Ford.

Echoes of Veilbreaker will feature Venk’ra and Sprag as antagonists for Kahl, the playable character in Veilbreaker. Furthermore, Digital Extremes stated that the weapons featured in this concept art will be weapon skins available. There is no official release date yet.

The main antagonists of Echoes of Veilbreaker will be Venk'ra and Sprag, who are the boss enemies faced in the Sabotage missions in the Void.

The main antagonists of Echoes of Veilbreaker will be Venk’ra and Sprag, who are the boss enemies faced in the Sabotage missions in the Void.

Miscellaneous Topics

The Warframe Devstream also covered these topics:

  • DE is happy with the recent changes to Wukong, as well as the useage rates of Styanax.
  • They are still looking at area-of-effect weapons, with the possibility of a reworked self-damage system returning.
  • They are looking at damage attenuation and other boss mechanics in order to make them more interesting and avoid bosses getting one-shot.
  • We got to see a behind-the-scenes video on Styanax’s sound design.
  • Nights of Naberus, Warframe’s Halloween event, will be returning October 5th.
  • Prime Resurgence will be on a monthly rotation. On November 3rd, Valkyr and Saryn Prime will be available.
  • Archon Shards installed in Warframes will become cosmetically visible.
  • More crossplay tests will be coming in the near future.

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