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Warframe Build Guide – Nezha

Nezha is a Warframe that is in many ways centered around speed. The newest changes to his abilities make this side of him even more prominent and more useful in team compositions. So we bring you a Nezha build that will emphasize these changes and even make him late game material.

Warframe Build Guide - Nezha


Nezha the speed demon. With his deluxe skin and changes to his stats dropping in the latest update, he is well deserving of the demon part and the speed is further emphasized. The slide boy now feels much better and more fun to play with many diverse build options. After some testing, we bring you a couple of powerful builds that will have you speeding through missions and enemies in a flash.


The changes introduced to Nezha really makes him an excellent warframe that you can use to breeze through low-level missions and even take him to end-game and have a great amount of fun along the way. The following builds require 4 forma and will emphasize different parts of Nezha’s abilities. As always, the builds use primed mod variants but you can use any mod that will emphasize the stats that you see in the builds.


The first build is the simplest one and is sort of the one-trick-pony of the three. Its main purpose is to fly through all missions below level 40 with high emphasis on using Nezha’s 4th ability – the divine spears in a purely offensive manner. The combination of insanely high range, strength, and some efficiency will allow you to cast his 4th ability multiple times in a row and clear most of the surrounding enemies. It’s basically a build many players would run before the rework without having much regard to his first three abilities.


The second Nezha build is a one that’s incredibly tanky. The reworked blazing chakram works in a manner where marked enemies killed by any source have increased chance to drop health and energy orbs and the ability duration affects the duration of the mark. Health conversion and equilibrium mods in this build will ensure that you are constantly topped with both health and energy as well as armor. In addition, the high power strength provided by transient fortitude and intensify will make your warding halo absorb more damage to truly make you a force to be reckoned with. Higher duration also means that you can easily crowd control the enemies with your divine spears if you are ever in a bind and deal a decent amount of damage to them at reduced range.


The last nezha build is a balanced one. It still has health conversion in the mod setup for that added bit of tankiness but also features reaping chakram augment mod. What this mod does is make your chakram pass through enemies, multiplies its damage and further increases chance for health orbs to drop.

So you cast your chakram to deal damage and increase health and energy drops, your warding halo to mitigate damage and even you divine spears to crowd control large enemy crowds thanks to increased range. Chakram can even be used on enemies crowd controlled by the spears to clear them out insanely fast.  There is also the addition of cunning drift in the exilus slot that will make your Nezha even faster. The latter two builds make Nezha end-game material and prove that this is one of the best reworks of a warframe to date.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used 

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  1. Why are you not running intensify in the first build? Is the Augur Passive worth it?, seems like its just missing out on 6% Power STR


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