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Warframe Build Guide – Loki

Master of deception. The stealth frame. Trickster god. Loki is all of that and much much more and we love using him in a wide variety of missions in Warframe. We bring you our most used build that will make him viable in every mission type against enemies of any level.

Warframe Build Guide - Loki


Loki needs no introduction. He’s a frame most used for spy missions by the beginners. Veterans, on the other hand, know that he is much more than his invisibility and learn to take advantage of his versatile toolkit to take him all the way into the endgame. That is exactly the sort of build we want to showcase here so without further ado, let’s turn that one trick pony into a full-fledged trickster god.


Let’s make one thing clear. Loki has no damage dealing abilities. So, in order to make him viable – you need to pair him up with some heavy ordnance. His abilities are built around crowd control and survivability in mind so this build takes that to the next level.

No offensive abilities mean that there is no need for power strength thus the focus shifts to other stats. The build itself requires only one forma and as always – you can use non-prime mod variants to put the emphasis on the stats needed for the build to work.

Warframe Build Guide - Loki

As you can see the stats heavily emphasized in this build are range and duration. There’s also streamline for that added bit of power efficiency. It’s a rare build where you can take advantage of both stretch and overextended without concerning yourself with negative power strength stat.

The usage of this build is simple. Primed flow will ensure that you have a deep energy pool that will not run out – especially in survival or sanctuary onslaught where enemies are abundant. It will also combine with quick thinking to give you added survivability since you won’t be using any health or shield mods.

You’ll mostly use a combination of Loki’s two abilities. Invisibility and radial disarm. High duration will ensure that a single cast of invisibility lasts your around 20 seconds. While that’s up and running – use radial disarm to minimize enemy damage dealing potential and pick them off from a distance. 250% range will make sure that enemies in a huge area revert to melee attacks only. Natural talent is also there to make each casting lightning quick. Keep in mind that certain enemies like the infested and Osprey’s won’t be affected by radial disarm – luckily, invisibility still works and they can’t hit what they can’t see

A surprising side effect of high duration is that it makes the decoy ability somewhat useful. When fighting corpus and grineer – placing the decoy in a place where enemies can’t reach or see it, will make them search for it all the while ignoring you as a target. It’s a great ability if you want to get some free kills or just give yourself some room to breathe. Infested, on the other hand, don’t care much if you place the decoy in an unreachable place and will quickly revert back to attacking you.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used 

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I just started playing Warframe again.


Everything changed.


Thanks for your Build. I would like to know if still up-2-date ?

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