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Warframe Build Guide – Revenant

Check out our awesome build for the newest addition to the evergrowing Warframe family - Revenant. After allowing for some time for Digital Extremes to tweak his move set and after some playtesting, we found what is arguably the best mod combination and use of his overall abilities that you can take to any mission.

Warframe Build Guide - Revenant


Revenant, the Eidolon themed addition to the Warframe lineup. His development codename Vlad had us thinking this would be a vampire-themed Warframe and while we see where Digital Extremes were going with him, his final abilities turned up a bit different than what we originally imagined. His first three abilities were a bit underpowered while his fourth was overpowered and catered to a set-it-and-let-it spin-to-win playstyle which is exactly what DE is trying to root out. While Revenant was somewhat nerfed in the latest update, he’s still a nuke warframe that will clear rooms and we bring you a build with which to take full advantage of the fact.


So this is a simple high efficiency – high strength build that will make Revenant sortie-viable. It requires 3 forma and uses primed continuity and primed flow but you can use the regular mod variants if you don’t have access to those to still make Revenant viable in higher level missions.

Warframe Build Guide - Revenant
This build is focused on Revenant’s second, third and fourth ability. While his second ability – mesmer skin is inferior to some other warframe defensive abilities it will still keep you alive against higher level enemies and is good for some added survivability.
Revenant’s third ability – reave will make him steal shields and health from the enemies he passes through, however, the distance of reave dash is dependant on ability duration and since this build has a low duration you won’t be able to use it to that effect.

However, you can use reave-dash at 50% energy cost while using Revenant’s fourth ability – dance macabre. Coincidentally, dance macabre is your “get out of jail free” card as high efficiency and strength along with a large energy pool ensure that you can spin-to-win long enough to kill regular sortie-level enemies with no problem and breeze through low levels.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used 

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