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Warframe Build Guide – Gauss

All hail the new speed king - Gauss. While Volt remains useful and will always have a special place in our heart, Gauss is entirely built around his insane speed and is very fun to play with. So our builds play into that fact and let you take the new kid on the block all the way into end-game scenarios.
Warframe Build Guide - Gauss

Warframe Build Guide – Gauss


Get ready, set, mach rush! The newest Saints of Altra update brought us the Flash among Warframes. Gauss is fast, versatile and insanely fun to play. So today, we bring you not one Gauss build, but three Gauss builds to take advantage of his versatile kit – making him able to take more punishment, move even faster and literally melt enemies just by running through them.

While he can be squishy, he is made to use hit-and-run tactics and constantly keep on the run. You can use him to breeze through low-level missions, decimate high-level opponents or just to be a giant show-off to other players.

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Gauss is great because you can play him in many different ways and he caters to multiple playstyles. His is unique in that he has a secondary resource in the form of his battery. The battery is charged via normal movement, his first ability – Mach Rush, and the cold effect of his third ability – Thermal Sunder. 

Gauss has access to 80% of the battery in his default state while activating his fourth ability – Redline, grants access to the final 20% of the battery which significantly increases his fire rate, attack speed, reload speed, and holster speed. All of these things are something to keep in mind when building Gauss.

With that being said, all three of our builds are fairly inexpensive and will cost you only 2 forma. All use some primed mods, but as always, you can use non-primed mods to emphasize the stats needed for the build to work.


Warframe Build Guide - Gauss Balanced Build

Balanced build

First up, we have what is surely the most powerful, safe bet build for Gauss. This one can take you to some seriously high-level missions with no issues whatsoever. We decided to put sprint boost and rush as his aura and exilus mods as Gauss will, no matter how you mod him, remain a hit-and-run frame where moving is key to success. His first ability – mach rush, is not only very fun to use but is also highly versatile. You can use it to crowd control enemies you run toward by inducing a knockdown but also to charge your battery. It provides you with unparalleled mobility and enables you to zip around a level – dispatching enemies with untold speed.

When it comes to other mods, they are mostly centered around survivability and a combination of all stats besides strength. Redirection and adaptation are here to boost shields and add to Gauss’ survivability. Augur message will, along with increasing duration, also give you a percentage of energy spent and convert them into shields. This is highly beneficial since playing with Gauss means constantly casting abilities.

Then there are mods that are centered around giving Guass 175% efficiency and increasing his energy pool so you don’t ever have to worry about not being able to cast. Additionally, stretch is there to make his third ability into a viable crowd control mechanism with which you’ll be able to freeze an entire room of enemies.

To make matters even better, 100 power strength is more than enough to make his second ability – Kinectic plating, give you a 90% damage reduction if your battery is charged up to the redline – which will most likely be the case if you are constantly moving. When you want to take all of this to its absolute peak – you can always fire off his fourth ability – Redline which is essentially like having god mode for a short period of time. If paired with some good weapons – Gauss will literally melt high-level enemies in seconds.


Warframe Build Guide - Gauss Strength Build

Pure attack strength build

This Gauss build is a bit more straightforward and can be used on enemies up to level 50 with great effect. The focus of this one is on power strength, range, and efficiency. The high power strength literally means that you’ll be able to mach rush into a crowd of enemies and those that don’t die from its shockwave will surely do so once you hit them with a powerful thermal sunder.

While this makes his other abilities not as viable, it makes him one of the most fun DPS frames in the game, especially if you are running in an open-world area like Plains of Eidolon. Additionally, augur mods will make Gauss less squishy, sinking a large chunk of energy spent into your shields.


Warframe Build Guide - Gauss Speed Build

Pure speed build

This is what I reluctantly like to call a Volt speed run replacing build. This is a fun little Gauss build for when you want to quickly breeze through missions as most mods equipped here to serve one purpose and one purpose only – to increase the speed of Gauss. There are some efficiency and duration mods here as well as primed flow so you don’t need to worry about not being able to cast.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used   

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