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Warframe Build Guide – Harrow

Become unchained with our newest Warframe build, this time focusing on our very own dark priest - Harrow. A highly versatile build that is both functional and insanely fun and a one that can take you deep into endgame territory. Check it out below.

Warframe Build Guide - Harrow


Harrow first dropped in update 21.0 and his blueprint is awarded by completing the horror-themed Chains of Harrow quest. While we initially somewhat overlooked this dark priest, since then, he has easily become one of our favorite frames. Most of his kit is aimed at buffing himself and his allies which usually makes him most welcome in many team compositions. Additionally, he has a unique ability to make any primary and secondary weapon much more fun to play with which we’ll touch upon in our build which you can see below.

The Build

Harrow is our top pick when we want to farm affinity for an otherwise slow and boring weapon as well as when we just want to have some fun. He’s very good at endless missions and can even be end-game material if you use his abilities appropriately. The following build requires 3 forma and uses primed mods but you can use the regular mod variants to emphasize the stats needed for the build to work.

This build mostly focuses on Harrow’s first, second and fourth ability with the heavy emphasis on range and duration. There are also some strength mods thrown into the mix so his abilities provide better buffs. Despite the low efficiency, primed flow ensures you don’t run out of energy, especially in endless missions. While you can equip a higher ranked narrow-minded and blind rage, we found that pushing them further gives some unwanted effects on other stats that make the build not as good.

Harrow has a passive 200% overshield capacity which can make him have over 4000 shields with certain mods. His first ability – condemn is an excellent crowd control ability that chains enemies in place while generating overshields for each chained enemy. This is his main source of survivability and an ability you’ll use most often. The high range and duration in this build will ensure that all enemies in front of you will be frozen in place, leaving them vulnerable to your weapons while generating you a ton of overshield in the process.

Condemn plays into his second ability – penance. This ability is at the crux of what makes Harrow so good as it makes even the most boring weapons somewhat fun. Upon activation, he will sacrifice his overshields and shields to give you much faster reload, fire rate and also life steal to all your weapons. The duration mods in this build will ensure that you can run around with this ability for a long time but also give you enough time to use condemn and generate overshields which you can sacrifice for penance again. Do keep in mind that Harrow is frozen while casting penance and its use can leave you weak and open for attack if you are not careful.

Lastly, his fourth ability – the covenant is your “get out of jail free” card as it not only grants temporary invulnerability so you can use it to escape tricky situations, but any damage received will give you a critical chance bonus to faster kill any and all enemies pestering you, especially if you land some headshots.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used 


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    image wont load, cant see build

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      Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Fixed.


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