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Warframe Build Guide – Hildryn

Our Hyldrin build is no joke as we take full advantage of the herculean cyborg to both take the pain to the enemies while buffing our allies. Oh, we also play into the fact that she is the absolute champion of thickness and one of the beefiest Warframes in the game.
Warframe Build Guide - Hildryn

Warframe Build Guide – Hildryn


Hildryn the thiccframe is one of the newer Warframes released on March 7th, 2019 during Operation: Buried Debts. This so-called herculean cyborg is one of the beefiest badasses in the game right now. So, with that in mind, today we bring you a Hyldrin build or two to play right into that. 

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Hylrdin is unique in the sense that she has no energy pool, instead sporting an enormous shield and overshield capacity that is used to power her abilities. They recharge very fast and if depleted grant her a brief window of invulnerability. The first Hyldrin build will focus more on the power strength while the second one sacrifices some of that for longer range and efficiency. Both builds provide insane durability and can take you against high-level enemies and even sorties.

Between Hyldrin and her exalted weapon – the balefire charger, these builds will require 2-3 forma. Both of them use only primed continuity as far as primed mods go but you can always exchange that for another setup that puts the emphasis on the needed stats. But first, let’s build her balefire charger as it is used in both builds through Hyldrin’s first ability – balefire.


Warframe Build Guide - Hildryn balefire charger

Balefire charger build

As you can see, it’s a fairly basic build that makes use of hornet strike for pure damage and barrel diffusion and lethal torrent to increase those sweet multishots. Furthermore, you have a combination of toxin and electricity mods to drive that corrosive damage very high, especially with the first build showcased below. Lethal torrent and gunslinger will dramatically increase the fire rate so you can fire projectiles quickly and in quick succession. This is more of personal preference and you can always exchange gunslinger with a different mod.


Warframe Build Guide - Hildryn strength build

Powerful tank build

This Hyldrin build focuses on power strength and survivability. It’s suited best for when you quickly want to dispatch enemies up to around level 70 and you’ll be able to do it with relative ease using Hyldrin’s first and fourth abilities combined. Even though this is a nuke build her second and third ability are still somewhat usable as no stats in this build are negative. Pillage will drain nearby enemies quite a bit while generating overshields while nearby allies can benefit from haven ability.

What’s great about this build is the amount of survivability, not only do you get high shields and potential to generate quite a bit of overshields, but you have three mods that will make you a literal tank. Adaptation to give you up to 90% of protection against certain attack type and agility drift and aviator which will further reduce damage taken by 52% when you are using aegis storm.


Warframe Build Guide - Hildryn CC buff build

Balanced with high range and efficiency

This Hyldrin build is a bit more balanced and aimed toward crowd control as well as team support. First up, you still have a fair amount of survivability with even more shields as well as aviator and adaptation mods. The rest of the mods are aimed to get your range and efficiency as high as possible. This will make it possible to use her fourth ability – aegis storm, almost indefinitely and will crowd control enemies that draw close whiles making them drop energy orbs for your teammates.

You’ll also be able to use pillage and haven more effectively due to the higher range of this build. Balefire chargers will remain viable even at this level of power strength as you still have them separately modded to have a fairly high damage output.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used.