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Warframe: Saint Of Altra Update Adds Guitar Mini-Game

The Warframe Saint of Altra update has introduced many new features for the game. Earlier this week, the speedy character Gauss was introduced and now a new mini-game has been added. Featuring an instrument inspired by Japanese Shamisen, players can now be a musician in the game.
Warframe: Saint Of Altra Update Adds Guitar Mini-Game

Warframe: Saint Of Altra Update Adds Guitar Mini-Game

Previously, Warframe’s Saint of Altra update introduced the Gauss suit. The Gauss allows players to be extra speedy and comes equipped with a plasma-rocket rifle and a pair of homing missile pistols. Now, the game update has added a guitar mini-game. Introducing the Shawzin, a three-stringed instrument inspired by the Japanese Shamisen and once a background item. 

The Shawzin can be played via an emote ability. Once purchased and equipped, it can be played anywhere. Players can record up to 100 notes of songs to playback. Other than this, they can challenge themselves by playing the note chart, Guitar Hero-style. What’s more, they can share song codes, which lets other players actually play though the custom song complete with Guitar Hero-like notes and scoring. Players have already created cover songs with the mini-game. 

Aside from the mini-game, players can also enjoy a new fashion-sharing system, a new skin for Harrow, and some new Infested dojo decorations. There are also wider range environments, Grineer Ghouls, and new rewards. Said rewards include the components to assemble Gauss and his weaponry. More details can be found on the official site.


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