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Warframe Build Guide – Volt

The Flashframe, the Godspeed, the electric boy. These are just some of the nicknames Volt has garnered over his long years as one of the OG frames in Warframe. With news that a new speedster frame is going to be running around the game soon - we thought we'd revisit one of our favorite frames with this guide and showcase just how awesome and useful he is in any and all missions and team compositions.
Warframe Build Guide - Volt

Warframe Build Guide – Volt


With news that we’d be getting a new speedster Warframe, we thought we’d revisit Volt. This highly versatile Warframe is one of the three OG frames and we thought it only fitting to bring you three builds that each makes good use of his diverse abilities. Depending on your mission type, he can act as a powerful warrior or as a great support. And yeah – you can take him Eidolon hunting without a problem. So, without further ado, here is build for the speedster among Warframes.


The builds showcased here will focus on all of Volt’s abilities. Each is highly specialized to work best with one of his abilities, delegating others to auxiliary status. With that being said, all three builds require 3 forma and use primed mod variants. But, as always, you can use the regular mods just as long as you emphasize the stats needed for the builds to work.


Warframe Build Guide - Volt Speed

This is a fairly standard speed build for Volt. One thing to notice here is that the range is negative so it won’t affect your teammates unless they are standing extremely close to you. If you want your teammates to benefit from his second ability, feel free to exchange the shocking speed augment mod with stretch. Other than that, the build is energy efficient with beastly duration stat that will make you be able to run at top speeds for around a minute before needing to recast. The exilus and aura mods are also here to further boost your speed while the augment mod will zap any and all enemies you speed past. This build is best used when you want to get things done quick and in a hurry. 

As a bonus, the high duration stat means that using your electric shield ability is also going to be viable but not as much as in the next build, especially if you plan on going Eidolon hunting.


Warframe Build Guide - Volt Shield Eidolon

This build is all about that shield and added survivability. High duration, speedy ability casting with natural talent. Vigor, redirection, and vitality for some beastly survivability as well as hunter adrenaline should you be in desperate need of some energy. So cast that shield and enjoy the hunt.


Warframe Build Guide - Volt Discharge

This build is for when you want to have some fun with your fourth ability – discharge. High strength and range mean that you’ll insta-kill enemies up to around level 40. After that, you’ll still benefit from enemies being crowd controlled so they’ll be easy pickings for your weapons. Additionally, you’ll regenerate and boost the shields of your entire squad for the percentage of damage dealt using discharge. All that thanks to the capitance augment mod. To mitigate lower efficiency, you’ll have a fully decked primed flow so you never run out of energy.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used 

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