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Warframe Build Guide – Oberon

Warframe is a game that has one of the most versatile class and power-up systems across the board. You can literally find thousands of combinations of Warframe, weapons, and mods to really make the system your own. Today we put the spotlight on Oberon with our best build and a bit about how to play him the most effectively.

Warframe Build Guide - Oberon


Oberon. The forest guardian. One of the older Warframes featured in our build guide series. Originally released way back in 2013, he’s been the subject of numerous tweaks both big and small that changed his role in team composition and recently made him an ideal solo Eidolon hunter. When building your Oberon keep in mind that he is one of the Warframes with which you can’t just focus on one or two stats but will have to equip a plethora of mods to boost a bit of everything in order for him to be effective.

The following build uses Oberon Prime to achieve the necessary stats but you can use the non-primed variant and other mods to emphasize the stats needed for the build to work.

The Build

This build mainly focuses on Oberon’s second and fourth ability with a bit of his number three thrown into the mix for added survivability. It can take you deep into the end-game due to its armor stripping potential and can find its place in any team composition.

The build requires 1 forma and focuses on increasing efficiency, range and strength with some duration mods to compensate for the drop from other mods. This ensures that Oberon’s third ability – renewal doesn’t eat your energy completely as its efficiency is tied to that stat. It also means that his second ability – hallowed ground stays active long enough to be effective. You can add another forma for a fully leveled primed continuity but we found the build below to be highly effective without having to go overboard on leveling the frame.

This build uses growing power aura mod to further increase the strength of your abilities so it’s highly recommended to have at least one status applying weapon in your arsenal. But you can change this mod to be anything else but I wholeheartedly recommend either energy siphon or corrosive projection.

Oberon Endgame Build
This build makes missions with enemies all the way up to lvl. 40 a breeze to go through and, as mentioned, is also excellent end-game material mainly due to its armor stripping potential. The use of Oberon’s second ability, hallowed ground combined with the usage of his fourth ability, reckoning, at least twice – will strip armor of any and all enemies to make them an easy target for your weapons.

Reckoning has the added benefit of keeping them crowd controlled so you won’t take damage and even if you do, you have enough efficiency thrown into the mix to regenerate with his second ability, renewal which should still be used sparingly as it still uses a lot of energy. High strength and range stat will also ensure your teammates reap the benefits of renewal making this one Warframe you’ll want in your team composition.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used