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How To Get Your First Necramech In Warframe’s Heart Of Deimos

This guide will detail the steps to get your very first Necramech in Warframe’s Heart of Deimos, hopefully as fast as possible. You’ll have to get through the first bits of the brand new content and grind lots of bounties, but if you like Warframe you’ll be used to the grind.

If you need a refresher on some of the new content being added in this huge update, check out my previous Heart of Deimos article. Let’s face it, Warframe’s new Heart of Deimos bounty system is daunting. There are several tokens you need to get for different family members that accomplish different things. So, if you’re just starting out on the Cambion Drift, here’s what you need to do in order to get that sweet Necramech. The quick version is:

  • Play the introduction section until you reach the boss fight
  • Grind for some family tokens and Entrati bounties
  • Rank up with Loid/Otak’s faction
  • Purchase mech parts from him with standing
  • Assemble your brand new toy

Now, if you want to know just how to do all of that, keep reading!

Welcome To Deimos

You boot up the game; you’ll get a message in your inbox inviting you to Deimos. You get there, meet Loid/Otak and make your way into the Necralisk, where you’ll be spending most of your time in Warfarme’s Heart Of Deimos update. Yes, there’s a lot of Necra-things, so try not to get confused. Play through the introduction until you get to meet Mother, who’ll ask you to find Father. Exit the Orokin fortress and follow your marker until you find a stray mech, fighting a losing battle. Help him until he inevitably dies, dropping an Orokin Orientation Matrix. This will come in handy later. Talk to Father, who’ll then send you to Daughter. Get used to running in and out of the Necralisk.

Luckily the Kymaeros are easy to catch

Luckily the Kymaeros are easy to catch

Fishing and Spelunking

Daughter will ask you to help her recollect some of her fishes, which is why you brought that fishing spear! Go out into the wild and catch three Kymaeros, which you’ll give back to her. Once she’s content with your findings, she’ll instruct you into the esophage, and get you on your way to the Heart Of Deimos. Inside the flesh caverns, you’ll fight your way to the vault, where the dying heart is located. Once there, a rogue mech will attack it, cutting off your warframe from its energy source. You’ll have to sneak past some mechs without bullet jumping or sliding, so it’s best to listen for their very loud clanking and hide when needed. 

Requirements for your first rank up with Loid/Otak

Requirements for your first rank up with Loid/Otak

Getting The Mech

Once back on the fortress, Father will present you with Snake, your first Necramech!… Or not. Don’t get attached. You’ll use the mech to fight your way back into the vault and have a pretty frame-droppy boss fight and then watch a cutscene. Hooray! Get back to the fortress, talk to Grandmother and you’ve pretty much unlocked Deimos in its entirety, bounties, and all. 

Get your grinding hat on, because it’s time to work for some family tokens! You’re first going to need to get some Father tokens, which are obtained by giving him materials you’ve collected on the Drift. These will change with time, so be sure to keep checking. I recommend saving up to get the bundles, rather than the single tokens.

Warframe: Heart of Deimos - Available Now | PS4

All in all, you’re gonna need to do a lot of grinding. You’ll need void traces obtained in void fissure missions, more orientation matrices from dead mechs and a blueprint obtained from the family itself. To rank up with Loid/Otak, you’ll need to rank up with the Entratis themselves, so focus on that first. The best way is definitely bounties, as this time around conservation, fishing and mining don’t give nearly as much standing as in previous updates. Your progress will be gated with the daily standing cap, so I recommend taking things slow so as not to get burnt out on your first day on Warframe’s Heart of Deimos. Once you have all the pieces, put them all together! Did this guide help you get on your path to owning your mech? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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