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Warframe Build Guide: Nekros

Many players regard Nekros as a one-trick pony and simply use his desecrate ability to increase loot drops. The lord of the dead is, however, much more than that. He can have high survivability for endgame scenarios and he even has some insane crowd control potential which we will showcase in our Nekros build.
Warframe Build Guide: Nekros

Warframe Build Guide: Nekros


The lord of the dead, the grim reaper, the loot doubler. These are just some of the nicknames of Nekros who’s been kicking around Warframe since way back in 2013 when he was originally released. The last nickname, in particular, seems to be the one used the most as Nekros is best known for his desecrate ability. With that in mind, as far as many players are concerned, there’s only one Nekros build that matters – high range/high-efficiency one.

Well, we are here to showcase that he is much more than that, while still not disregarding the ability he is most known for. So without further ado, here are a couple of Nekros builds to make full use of his diverse abilities.


The builds showcased here will require 2-3 forma. Two of them are focused on shield of shadows augment and also use primed mod variants. You can, however, use regular mods to emphasize the stats needed for the builds to work. They purposely try to build Nekros in ways where desecrate isn’t the sole focus of the build. If you want that, you can simply equip him with high range/high efficiency/natural talent combo and that’s it. If you want something a bit different that will make Nekros end-game viable – check these out:

Shield of Shadows survivability build

Warframe Build Guide: Nekros Survivability Build

No energy? No problem!

The first build is a tricky one. It’s a high survivability/desecrate build that is best used in missions where there is a constant stream of enemies. Why? Well, because of low efficiency, the build is highly dependant on your ability to kill plenty of enemies for energy. Nekros’s fourth ability, shadows of the dead should be up and running at all times as the shield of shadows augment mod will decrease damage taken by 90%.

Equilibrium will give you extra energy for every health orb, while health conversion will give you 450 armor for each one. If all else fails, there’s the hunter adrenaline mod so you gain some energy upon receiving damage so you can activate shadows of the dead. Lastly, the build does have a fair amount of range so you can always use desecrate which usually generates plenty of health orbs which in this case, as stated, means more energy and higher survivability.

Shield of Shadows balanced build

Warframe Build Guide: Nekros Balanced Build

For those who want it all

Next up we have a highly balanced build that still focuses heavily on shield of shadows augment mod. Added survivability is gained from adaptation mod and you’ll have no problems with energy this time around so this one can be used in missions against enemies up to lvl. 50 with no problems. This build makes all of Nekros’s abilities completely viable, but lower range means it’s best used in smaller maps.

Terrify/Desecrate build

Warframe Build Guide: Nekros Terrify CC Build

Nekros meets slow Nova

And lastly, my personal favorite build for Nekros. This one is a high range, negative duration build that heavily relies on his third ability – terrify. The creeping terrify augment mod turns your Nekros into a crowd control beast as this makes the enemies 60% slower, as well as stripping away their armor. Combine that with corrosive projection and you’ll get extremely slow enemies with significantly reduced armor that will become easy pickings for your weapons.

Additionally, high range/high efficiency means that desecrate is still fully usable in maps of all sizes to get that sweet loot. I also encourage you to exchange stretch with another strength mod when doing smaller maps as this will increase the number of enemies affected as well as further reducing their armor.

Disclaimer: The build shown here might be out of date due to fairly frequent Warframe updates which rework certain aspects of Warframe abilities or mods used   

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