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Warframe’s TennoCon Crazy Reveals!

Since last huge TennoCon reveal in the form of Plains Of Eidolon, the first open-world experience ever added to Warframe, we were told they would keep working in the same direction. Hence, one of the additions fans were expecting to be unveiled was exactly a new version of the ambitious last expansion... yet the devs revealed much more than that.

Warframe's TennoCon Crazy Reveals!
Even though I wasn't able to assist TennoCon, I did get the chance to watch the Livestream with other 400k fans, and I've got to tell you: the hype was real. However, I did also have my doubts, as I kind of expected some of the unveiled updates and thought to myself "yes, that's nice and I love it, but will you take it a step further?"

But I'm getting ahead of myself, as there were some few interesting appetizers before the main dish, like how they are unvaulting Nix Prime and Rhino Prime, or how…

Warframe is coming to Nintendo Switch

They didn't mention any release date, but they did say it's going to be free like the PC and Console version. I don't own a Nintendo Switch, and honestly, I'd prefer to play the game in PC where all my stuff is, yet I couldn't but realize the amount of work that it requires and the opportunity it represents for them. Also, the fact that they are working with Panic Button makes sure the game will have a certain quality.

In any case, I didn't let my mind wander much around that, as I watched the new deluxe skins and warframes in development, of which Nidus's deluxe and Garuda concept art left quite an impression. However as some of these were already shown in a previous Dev-stream, there wasn't that much of a surprise on my part.

Warframe's TennoCon Crazy Reveals!. Nidus Deluxe Skin showed at TennoConWarframe's TennoCon Crazy Reveals!. Revenant and Garuda, respectively.
Although Garuda calls my ever waking edgy side, I had to leave the hype aside in order to watch the "big" reveal:

Fortuna Expansion

Warframe | Fortuna Update Reveal Trailer - TennoCon 2018

As you can see in the trailer, Fortuna update will bring a whole new open world map in Venus, in which we'll fight the Corpus and their new machines; hunt creatures by luring them with a special item which can mimic the call of said species; build our own ranged weapons; to travel around in a hoverboard and even get to have our own MOA companion.

But if that were all there is, there wouldn't be such a huge hype going around. No, this time the developers brought Warframe one step further and added…

The Railjack 

As we were staring at the landscape below us during what seemed to be the end of the demo, suddenly a series of laser shots began falling from the sky. It's then when we see for the first time our own spacecraft – The Railjack Interceptor, battle ready and needed in order to get to the orbit and confront a Corpus Obelisk, which is bombarding Fortuna. 

A whole team can be inside
, each one with their own task, being to pilot or to defend the ship from enemy interceptors with the ship's own cannons; or from corpus units which may manage to board the ship. The whole mission of highjacking the Obelisk is not just a firing contest either, as you need someone to actually infiltrate it, coordinate with said player so that you are able to clear his path of any technical obstacles, and destroy a series of key cores in order to lower the ship's shields… then be fast enough as to get out before it explodes.

The Railjack can also be customized, from redirecting your energy to the engines, shields or weapons, to build different new assets.

Finally, same as with the Nintendo Switch version, they didn't mention any release date. But they didn't end there, as for one final teaser was to be shown…

Warframe | Fortuna & Railjack - FULL 32-Minute Gameplay Demo

The New War Story Mission

An army of sentients? Eidolons? Lotus? and more importantly, where is my Saryn Umbra?

Warframe | The New War Teaser Trailer - TennoCon 2018

In any case, if you missed the livestream and would want to watch it, they uploaded the whole show, so you can experience the hype as directly as possible. And I don't know about you guys, but I'm seeing myself in the future wandering around Fortuna with my Garuda warframe. That's all.

TennoLIVE from TennoCon 2018

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