Stranger Things Return to Dead by Daylight Leaked

Stranger Things may finally see its Dead by Daylight return, and not only this, but a second chapter could be on the cards, too. A popular Twitter leaker for the asymmetrical horror revealed information regarding the future of the license- it seems we could soon be seeing our friends from Hawkins once again.

Stranger Things Return to Dead by Daylight Leaked

Stranger Things may finally make its Dead by Daylight return.  Countless fans were distraught over the news of its initial departure, creating petitions, forum threads, Twitter arguments and more. With no word on exactly why it was happening, it felt so sudden and left the asymmetrical horror feeling empty. Finally, after the release of Season 4 of the Sci-Fi Netflix hit show, we could be seeing its return.

As previously predicted, Stranger Things may be returning to Dead by Daylight. A recent leak on Twitter from a well-known and often accurate leaker account stated that Netflix has approached Behaviour Entertainment regarding the license. Apparently, they not only want to renew the deal, but to create a new one that will bring in a second chapter with new content.

So, what does this mean? Steve Harrington, Nancy Wheeler and The Demogorgon could all be coming back. Not only this, but a second chapter means a new survivor, a new killer, possibly even a new map. I can imagine many people are wondering who these characters could be. Characters such as Robin Buckley, Eddie Munson or Jim Hopper would make a brilliant survivor choice. For the killer, the one and only Vecna would most definitely fill this role brilliantly.

As far as official news regarding this Stranger Things x Dead by Daylight return goes, there is nothing to discuss. Though, according to the leaks, we should expect the chapter in Christmas 2022, so maybe around the Halloween season, we could get our first teaser. Get ready to set foot in Hawkins Lab once again…

It’s important to remember, though, that these are all just leaks. There is nothing official just yet, so don’t get your hopes up too high for now. However, looking at the huge success of the initial chapter, and Stranger Things‘ overall success… It’d be a huge waste not to bring our friends from Hawkins back once again.

Do you want to see Stranger Things in Dead by Daylight for a surprise return? Regardless of whether it’s simply the first chapter coming back, or we get a second one with it, fans will no doubt be pleased.

Stranger Things 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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