Dead by Daylight: Forged in Fog Character Guide

This character guide will help you understand the newest Dead by Daylight Killer and Survivor, both added in the recently released Forged in Fog Chapter DLC. You will also learn how to play against The Knight if his patrolling guards are giving you a hard time in the latest update.

Dead by Daylight Forged in Fog Character Guide.

Dead by Daylight’s new Chapter DLC has been finally released with one new Killer, one new Survivor, and a new map! Both characters from the new Forged in Fog Chapter have been well received by the community, and this guide is going to help you understand both of them. Nonetheless, their corresponding gameplay mechanics are very interesting and the Killer is actually fun to play against.

In this guide, I’m going to explain the new characters added in the Forged in Fog Chapter DLC. The Killer (The Knight) has some interesting gameplay elements that we should talk about, and the new Survivor doesn’t stay behind either. 

As I mentioned before, the new DLC adds one new Killer, and one new Survivor (as usual). These characters can be unlocked for 9000 Iridescent Shards each, so you don’t necessarily need to buy them using real money. In any case, you can still purchase them with 500 Auric Cells or by purchasing the Forged in Fog Chapter DLC in your corresponding digital store. And now without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Tarhos Kovács “The Knight” – Forged in Fog Character Guide

The Knight is the new Killer of Dead by Daylight. This character has a medieval aesthetic and has a few interesting gameplay mechanics that other Killers don’t! It is worth checking this Killer out, especially if you’re a veteran player that wants a slightly different experience when playing the game. 

The Knight is a strategic Killer, able to send his faithful Guards to hunt for Survivors and damage objects on the battlefield.

The Knight can summon 3 different Guards to perform tasks for him and pressure Survivors.

The Knight can summon 3 different Guards to perform tasks for him and pressure Survivors.

Power: Guardia Compagnia

The Knight alone is a terrifying monster on the battlefield, but with his loyal Guards, he is nearly unstoppable. Together, the Guardia Compagnia fights for their own freedom, killing anyone who gets in their way.

Special Ability: Guard Summon

Press the power button to activate the Guard Summon mode. Once activated, move around to create a patrol path. While in Guard Summon mode, you can aim at a generator in progress, a downed pallet, or a breakable wall and press the attack button. This will summon a Guard to complete a break action on the selected object.

You can also press the power button or drain the power gauge completely to end the Guard Summon mode. This will summon a Guard who will follow and patrol the created path. There are three Guards that are summoned in the same order each time:

  • The Carnifex: Breaks and damages objects at a faster speed.
  • The Assassin: Moves faster during the hunt.
  • The Jailer: Patrols longer and has a greater detection range.
The Knight using his Guard Summon mode.

The Knight using his Guard Summon mode.

Guard Special Ability: The Hunt

While a Guard is patrolling, he can spot and detect Survivors. If a Survivor is detected, the Guard will move to their location, leave a standard on the ground, and start hunting the Survivor for a set amount of time (depending on the summoned Guard). 

The Survivor can escape a Guard by unhooking another Survivor, grabbing the standard, or surviving until the hunt timer ends. If the Survivor is successfully attacked by the Guard or The Knight, the Guard will disappear.

When a Guard downs a Survivor, The Knight receives a Killer Instinct notification.

Guardia Compagnia: Tips & Strategies

The best way to start a match is by patrolling generators until you find a survivor (like every other Killer). If you find them repairing a generator, summon The Carnifex (which is always the first summoned Guard) and let him damage the generator while you chase the Survivor. If they’re not repairing a generator, chase them normally and if you get stunned or blocked by a pallet then you summon The Carnifex to break it for you while you keep track of the Survivor.

Use Guard Summon to your advantage to corner Survivors on loops or tight spots. If you get to corner a Survivor with the help of another Guard, try to let the Guard injure them first. This way, you can attack the Survivor afterwards to down them instantly without them having the chance to run away after the first hit. Otherwise, if you’re the first to attack the Survivor the Guard will instantly disappear, leaving the rest of the chase to you.

The Carnifex is the most helpful Guard, so he’s going to be very useful for any task considering he breaks and damages stuff faster than the others and has a longer hunt phase. Both The Assassin and The Jailer are pretty useful when you’re in an area in which you assume there is a Survivor hiding somewhere, especially near generators. They will allow you to cover those areas while you’re busy chasing or carrying another Survivor.

It is best to have The Carnifex at your disposal whenever you start chasing a Survivor, so try to save this guy for specific moments since he will take care of pallets and generators very easily. The other two are particularly good at patrolling and chasing Survivors in general.

The Carnifex breaking a pallet.

The Carnifex breaking a pallet.


  • Nowhere to Hide: Whenever you damage a generator, reveal the auras of all Survivors standing within 24 metres of your position for 5 seconds.
  • [Hex] Face the Darkness: Injuring a Survivor by any means lights a Dull Totem, activates this perk, and hexes that Survivor. While the Hex is active, all other Survivors outside your terror radius will scream intermittently, revealing their auras for 2 seconds each time. Other Survivors can also see the aura of the cursed Survivor for 25 seconds. When the Survivor enters the dying state or becomes healthy, the Hex Totem becomes dull again and this perk deactivates. The perk is permanently disabled once its Hex Totem is cleansed.

  • Hubris: Whenever you are stunned by a Survivor, that Survivor suffers from the exposed status effect for 20 seconds. Hubris has a cooldown of 20 seconds before being able to activate it again.

The Knight’s Perks: Tips & Strategies

The Knight’s perks can be used with other Killers if you reach prestige 3 with this particular character. These perks aren’t particularly overpowered but can be useful if you use them with certain Killers.

Nowhere to Hide is an information perk that can be quite useful to spot Survivors that are working on generators. Information perks don’t help you to slow down the match or shorten chases, but it won’t hurt to have one information perk. However, veteran players may find this perk quite useless if they already know how to look for Survivors without the help of information perks. So you should use it only if you’re struggling to spot Survivors around progressed generators.

Hex: Face the Darkness is another information perk but it also passively slows down the trial’s objective progression, considering Survivors will need to look out for the corresponding Hex Totem to deactivate the perk. It is quite overpowered like every other Hex-based perk, but it can become useless very quickly if Survivors cleanse it right away. If you like Hex-based perks, you should combine this one with The Blight’s Hex: Undying to extend the perk’s duration for as long as you can.

Hubris is a good choice for players that are struggling against getting continuously stunned. It can be helpful to force the Survivor to stop trying to extend loop chases. However, this perk isn’t recommended for Killers that can already down Survivors with one hit (like Myers, Bubba, or Ghostface), as these “Exposed Status” type of perks tend to be redundant with these characters’ powers. The Knight can take particular advantage of this perk considering you can corner Survivors on loops using Guard Summon, so you should give it a go if you’re learning The Knight’s gameplay mechanics.

How to Counter The Knight

The reason why some people believe this is a weak Killer is that a lot of players don’t know how and when to use Guard Summon correctly. And that is probably what you should take advantage of.

If The Knight is summoning a guard in a wide-open area, you should probably not feel immediately threatened by it. If you remain outside of this particular Guard’s circle of detection or even range of view, he won’t be able to harm you. Simply go to another generator until that particular Guard stops patrolling the area.

However, if a Guard happens to spot you, remember you can end the chase by unhooking a Survivor, grabbing the Guard’s standard, or extending the chase until the Guard’s hunt phase finishes. Focus on any of these three objectives as soon as you get spotted. If you hesitate about what you’re going to do, you’re going to take the hit. Be confident.

If you see The Knight putting his sword down in the middle of a loop or near a tight space… You should run immediately. You don’t want to stay there, even if you’re in a good loop. Both The Knight and his Guard are going to corner you in a way that it will be impossible to get out of there without getting injured, and maybe even insta-downed if you’re not careful. For this reason, avoid tight spaces as much as you can.

You don’t necessarily need to avoid loops if you feel like you need them to create some distance between you and the Killer, but know that you’re playing in The Knight’s territory if you do that. Get ready to break the loop if things get too complicated. Be prepared and expect The Knight’s summon, don’t let the other Guards surprise you.

Vittorio Toscano – Forged in Fog Character Guide

Vittorio Toscano is a daring and expert Survivor that is suitable for veteran players. His perks require high risk but grant high rewards if you apply them correctly.

Vittorio Toscano, a Survivor that has been wandering in the fog for a very long time.

Vittorio Toscano, a Survivor that has been wandering in the fog for a very long time.


  • Potential Energy: After working on a generator for 8 uninterrupted seconds, press the active ability button 2 to activate this perk. When this perk is active, repairing the generator will charge this perk instead of making generator progress. For each 1.5% of generator repair, the perk will gain 1 Token, up to 20 Tokens. While this perk has at least 1 Token and you’re working on a generator, you can press the active ability button 2 to consume all the Tokens and instantly make the generator progress by 1% for each Token. This perk then deactivates. If you lose a health state while this perk has at least 1 Token, the perk will lose all Tokens and deactivate. Missing a skill check will also result in some Tokens being lost.
  • Fogwise: Hitting a great skill check while repairing a generator reveals the Killer’s aura to you for 6 seconds.
  • Quick Gambit: When you are chased within 24 meters of any generator, any other Survivor working on that generator receives an 8% speed boost to the repair action.

Tips & Strategies

Vittorio is a good character for those who want to have more control of the objectives in a match. Potential Energy is without a doubt Vittorio’s biggest strength. While this perk can be quite useless if you’re facing a good Killer, it can also be very good to save some repairing progression for more complicated generators.

For example: If you find a generator that is constantly being patrolled by the Killer but it’s located in a place that could compromise the trial if you don’t power it, that is the perfect moment to use Potential Energy. Find another generator that is not being patrolled by the Killer, repair it as much as you can, and then activate the perk. This will store some of that progression to the perk and then you can use it on the patrolled generator that you need to power. It won’t be too much generator progress, but it can be crucial when that specific generator is missing less than 20% to be powered.

The rest of Vittorio’s perks can be useful too. I recommend you to use them separately if you want to give them a chance, but only if you’re good at hitting great skill checks and escaping the killer. They can be particularly helpful if you’re surviving with friends too. They’re actually good only in specific situations though.

Vittorio using Fogwise.

Vittorio using Fogwise.

Dead by Daylight’s Forged in Fog Chapter DLC is now available for PC on Steam and Epic Games Store, PS4 & PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. The DLC was released with a new map which is very good news for veteran players. However, if you’re new to Dead by Daylight, you can also read my Killers Guide and Survivors Guide for Beginners. See you all in the fog!

Dead by Daylight | Forged In Fog | Official Trailer

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