Dead by Daylight Officially Rolls Out ‘All-Kill’ Chapter

Previously revealed for public test build, Dead by Daylight sees a new chapter officially implemented with All-Kill. With it comes a new killer and a survivor inspired after Korean Pop. Figures intimate in the industry played a significant role in making the adoption true to the source.

Dead by Daylight Officially Rolls Out 'All-Kill' Chapter

Previously revealed as the up-and-coming Dead by Daylight chapter, the game officially rolls out All-Kill, which features a new killer and a survivor, based on K-Pop.

Once a rising star but was given to jealousy and bloodlust, Ji-Woon Hak would eventually enter the fog. Also, he subsequently transformed into a killer by the name of The Trickster. The very same moniker he formerly held as a solo artist following the demise of his bandmates due to his own doing. He wields throwing daggers as his weapon of choice and is able to hit a target from a distance.

Making for an unwitting addition to the Dead by Daylight’s roster of survivors is a hitmaker. The same producer who brought said killer to stardom. Once an aspiring musician herself, Yun-Jin Lee climbed her way to the top of the industry. That is, even despite not getting credits for her work. She is, however, responsible for the successful band, NO SPIN, of which Ji-Woon was previously a member.

Taking inspiration from the real “cutthroat” world of the Korean entertainment industry, Behaviour Interactive took to figures familiar with it. Namely, U-KISS member Kevin Woo and award-winning Canadian music producer DJ Swivel, whose professional experience includes collaborations with actual K-Pop groups.

Dead by Daylight | All-Kill | Official Trailer

What do you think of the Dead by Daylight All-Kill chapter? Will you play as the new survivor or the new killer? Let us know in the comments.

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