Dead By Daylight Announces Resident Evil: Project W

Dead By Daylight recently announced a new collaboration titled Resident Evil: Project W. The new chapter is the twenty-fifth installment in the series and will feature new maps, a new killer, and two new survivors for players to chose from.

Dead By Daylight Announces Resident Evil: Project W Cover

In a recent update, Dead By Daylight revealed new content for the game in the form of Resident Evil: Project W

Dead by Daylight posted a trailer to their YouTube channel revealing a new collaboration with Resident Evil. The content will be titled Resident Evil: Project W. This will be the 25th chapter in the game and it will feature three new characters from the Resident Evil series. 

Dead By Daylight is a co-op survival horror game that launched back in 2016. The game features a single killer and four survivors. The goal is simple: the killer must hunt, chase, and hook all the survivors before they escape. The survivors must band together to repair generators on each map, evade the killer, and open an escape route to safety. 

Each killer and survivor has their own unique set of abilities and skill trees to level up. There are five killers and five survivors in the base game. There are also fifteen unique maps for players to choose from. Additionally, Dead by Daylight has collaborated with numerous other IPs including titles such as Silent Hill, SAW, Hellraiser, and Halloween. Resident Evil: Project W will be the twenty-fifth collaboration to date and the game’s second Resident Evil collab overall. 

Dead by Daylight | Resident Evil™: PROJECT W | Official Trailer

The new chapter will feature one new killer–Albert Wesker–known in-game as “The Mastermind”. It will also include two new Survivors–Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. Ada Wong is the superspy of the series, while Rebecca is a S.T.A.R.S. recruit with medic capabilities. Wesker is an Umbrella officer with brute strength and the ability to infect survivors with Uroboros virus. Players can cure it with first aid spray found around the map. 

The new chapter will also revamp the Raccoon City Police Department map, splitting it up into its East Wing and West Wing. According to IGN, fan feedback from the last Resident Evil installment led to this “quality of life” improvement in which the original will be split into two separate maps. 

The West wing includes the S.T.A.R.S. Office, Dark Room, and Records Room while the East wing contains the Chief’s Office, Art Room, Rooftop, and more. There is also additional access to the front exterior section.

Resident Evil: Project will be releasing soon across all platforms, though no specific date has been announced as of late. 

SOURCE: Dead By Daylight Website

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