Dead by Daylight: A Nightmare on Elm Street DLC Review (PS4)

In celebration of Halloween the Springwood Slasher Freddy Krueger, an icon amongst villains and quite possibly one of the best and most feared killers of all time has now joined the killers in Dead by Daylight. Here he is known simply as the Nightmare he will attack you in your dreams so be careful not to fall to sleep otherwise the last thing you'll feel will be a Clawed Glove around your throat.

Dead by Daylight: A Nightmare on Elm Street DLC Review (PS4)


As Halloween approached Dead by Daylight released a new DLC: A Nightmare on Elm Street which offers us the legendary villain Freddy Krueger, a new survivor named Quentin Smith and a map named and based on Springwood featuring a preschool and of course a horrifying basement. To the disappointment of some (myself included) the contents of the DLC are based on the 2010 franchise reboot rather than the classic Freddy Krueger many of us grew up with and had haunt our dreams.

A Nightmare on Elm Street DLC is available on the Playstation Store for £6.49


As always with Dead by Daylight a new killer brings a new play style and Freddy certainly does that. Due to him being a “Dream-Demon” it only made sense that his game play would revolve around a sleep mechanic. With this Freddy carves out his own little niche as no other killer has such an ability.
In the default survivor state Freddy cannot attack survivors but at the same time he cannot be seen by them. When a survivor is in close proximity to Freddy for a few seconds he can target the survivor and send them to sleep which puts them into a Dream World. Here, Freddy is fully visible to the survivor and he is able to attack sleeping survivors to capture them. Being in the Dream World also makes all your actions take longer, this will carry on until you are woken up by either failing a skill check on a generator, getting hooked or by a fellow survivor waking you up.

Dead by Daylight: A Nightmare on Elm Street DLC Review (PS4) - Being in the Dream World is terrifying

Killer Perks

The new killer perks with this DLC are great additions to the Killers arsenals and I'll certainly be trying them out in various combinations. These change up the game play a bit and will give people a hard decision when it comes to selecting which perks to use.

The “Fire Up” perk makes the Killer grow in power as Generators are repaired and it grants a speed bonus to pick up, drop, Pallet break, Generator break and vaults.

The “Remember Me” perk increases the opening time of the Exit Gates by seconds each time you hit the survivor you are Obsessed with, this stacks up to a whopping 30 seconds!

Finally, the “Blood Warden” perk is one I doubt I’ll use much compared to the other two, it only activates once per match after the Exit Gates have opened and only when you’re hooking a survivor. This does summon the Entity to block the exit for at least 30 seconds but there are far better perks you can choose.

Dead by Daylight: A Nightmare on Elm Street DLC Review (PS4) - Now your prey is in the dreamworld Freddy can injure them with his infamous clawed glove

Survivor Perks

The Survivor perks are decent, they certainly aren't the most useless perks in the game but they probably won’t see much use. There are a few top tier perks that will be very hard to replace and none of these seem to be good enough to do that.

The “Wake Up” perk is the most useful of them as it reveals the exit gates to you once the generators are all powered up and while you are opening the gates your Aura is revealed to your fellow survivors which helps the whole team escape.

The “Pharmacy” perk increases your chest search speed and guarantees an emergency medical kit on your first successful search, this doesn’t seem nearly beneficial enough to waste a perk slot on though.

The final perk is “Vigil” which makes it so that you and your allies within an 8 metre range recover from Exhausted, Haemorrhage, Mangled, Hindered and Blindness status effects quicker which again doesn’t do enough for you or your team to justify its selection.

Dead by Daylight: A Nightmare on Elm Street DLC Review (PS4) - Nothing more soul destroying than being this close and suddenly having Freddy pull you into the dreamworld


I can honestly say that Freddy truly is a fun killer to play and at times still puts me on edge more than any other killer right now. With the inability to see him until it’s in all likelihood too late you really have to be on the move almost constantly. If you stay still too long he’ll find you and before you know it he will be trapping you in the Dream World and slashing you with that clawed glove. While there are better killers in the game after the recent nerfs to Freddy I would thoroughly recommend this to any player of Dead by Daylight as Freddy is an enormous amount of fun to use.

+ You get to play as Freddy Krueger, for me that more than justifies the price alone. – It's the 2010 remake version of Freddy Krueger, had this been the Robert Englund version it would be more special.
+ The new perks for killers are all great additions and will be finding their way into killers builds – The survivor perks are lacklustre to say the least with none of them really standing out.
+ The Springwood map looks incredible, it's well detailed and has a great layout – The Springwood map has some bugs which makes problems for some killers such as the Nurse as she struggles to use her Blinks.
+ It's reasonably priced compared to DLC for other games nowadays. – Not much about Freddy makes him different from other killers apart from the Dream World

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