Dead By Daylight’s Huntress Has Become A Body Pillow

You read that right, Dead by Daylight has got body pillows. First, it was survivor David King, now a new body pillow featuring Huntress has been recently released. Who knows, this might be the start of a collection for the game.
Dead By Daylight's Huntress Has Become A Body Pillow

Dead By Daylight’s Huntress Has Become A Body Pillow

Dead By Daylight is a game that knows how to bring in thrills and suspense. Now, the game offers body pillows. That’s right, the game has officially entered the different side of merchandising. Just recently, a body pillow featuring the bunny masked murderer Huntress was made live on the store page.

Described as “a Territorial Imperative for any killer’s bedroom,” the item is priced at $55 USD. It is the second body pillow to be made available in the store. The first body pillow to be released for the game featured survivor David King. It made its debut last month and had King in his Hard Headlights fight club. With the same price as the Huntress pillows, the store page promised that “you’ll definitely be in good hands.” 

There are no other details or hints of future body pillow products relating to the game. Other than body pillows, the store also offers premium pillows with the “Choose your Killer” and “Choose your Survivor” symbols on them. More than pillows, the store also offers other home and office items including coasters, a mug, and a phone case. In addition to these, there is also clothing apparel available including shirts, hoodies and sweaters, and hats and beanies. 

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