Dead by Daylight Anniversary 2022 Stream Announced

Big reveals, enormous hype. The Dead by Daylight Anniversary 2022 stream has been given an official date by the developers. Within only a few weeks, we'll get a sneak peek at what's to come from general gameplay improvements to the reveal of Chapter 24 itself- you won't wanna miss out.

Dead by Daylight Anniversary 2022 Stream Announced

The Dead by Daylight Anniversary 2022 Stream is on its way. As announced by the developers on Twitter, we’ll be seeing the stream on May 17th. Specific details of what will be discussed in this stream have not been revealed. There are no spoilers to share, but we do have an outline of what to expect to see on the day.

First of all, we’ll no doubt be seeing how the 6th Anniversary In-Game celebrations function this year. Last year, this included decorations, the brand new Sacrificial Cake offering, the Anniversary Shine and more. There will be plenty to enjoy during the in-game event. We’ll also see what Quality of Life changes will be coming to the game as well as general Gameplay Improvements. As per usual, the Dead by Daylight Anniversary 2022 stream will delve deep into this area as some pretty big updates come to the game for the anniversary event.

Now, what we’ve all been eagerly waiting for. Chapter 24 will be revealed. What could it be? So far, there are plenty of rumours and speculations about this chapter, some saying that it’ll be even bigger than the Sadako Rising chapter. Though, that’s a topic for another article. Finally, a Year 7 Roadmap will be shown. While this will definitely not hold any spoilers for what’s to come, it’ll at least give fans a vision of what sorts of content to expect in Year 7.

That just about wraps it up. Are you excited for the Dead by Daylight Anniversary 2022 Stream? Let us know your predictions down below.

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