The Best Dead by Daylight Perks to Improve Your Build

Do you need help finding the best possible perks to improve your build in Dead by Daylight? This quick guide focuses on some of the most interesting survivor and killer perks that are being used in the latest updates by both new and experienced players.

The Best Dead by Daylight Perks to Improve Your Build

Now that Resident Evil: Project W has been around for a while on all platforms, there is an influx of new and returning players in Dead by Daylight. Whether you prefer to play as Survivor or Killer, you may have already wondered what are the best perks that will raise your chances to escape (or sacrifice all 4 survivors) in the entity’s trials. Fear not, because this is an updated guide about the best Dead by Daylight perks to improve your build! (as of October 2022).

Take note that the inmense majority of these perks are DLC specific, meaning that you must unlock the corresponding characters through Auric Cells or Iridescent Shards in order to use them. These Perks will become available for the rest of the characters after reaching Prestige 1 in the corresponding character’s bloodweb.

The Best Survivor Perks in Dead by Daylight

Let’s start off with the best current Survivor Perks in Dead by Daylight. In a recent update, Survivors were heavily nerfed and now perks that used to be the best of the best have now been rendered obsolete. Some of these perks include Iron Will and Self-Care. Worry not, dear survivor. You still have a good chance to escape the entity’s grasp by equipping some of the following survivor perks that will guarantee a great performance on every match. Here are the best Dead by Daylight Survivor Perks as of October 2022:

Boon: Circle of Healing (Mikaela Reid)

Boon Perks are activated through blessing a totem. The survivor must approach a hex or dull totem and press the ability button for a few seconds to bless it. Mikaela Reid has probably not only the most simple of all Boon Perks, but also the most effective. Circle of Healing allows every survivor in its 24 metre radius to heal without the use of a med-kit or any other healing perk at a 50% speed. Instead of cleansing a totem once you spot one, bless it and all survivors in the match will have a nice chance to heal without the immediate help of another survivor. This perk will deactivate if the killer snuffs out its corresponding totem, but you can always bless the same totem or another one as long as it hasn’t been cleansed.

Overcome (Jonah Vasquez)

Exhaustion Perks are always a nice addition to your build. Whether you still enjoy using Balanced Landing, Sprint Burst, Dead Hard or Lithe… This one has its own appeal. Overcome allows you to retain the movement speed burst for 2 more seconds whenever you become injured. This is great to escape chases, as you can create even more distance between you and the killer after getting hit. Overcome causes Exhaustion for 40 seconds, so you must wait until Exhaustion passes to be able to activate the perk again. Remember, you don’t recover from Exhaustion while running!

Lucky Break (Yui Kimura)

This perk used to be rather boring and unnecessary in its launch. However, it is now very useful to escape chases and completely vanish from the killer’s sight. Lucky Break allows you to supress your scratch marks and pools of blood for a total of 60 seconds. After that, the perk deactivates… But you can recharge Lucky Break by healing another survivors! This is very useful to escape chases without the killer knowing where’d you go. You also get a lot of altruistic points by healing other survivors to recharge your ability. Combined with Overcome, this perk is insanely dangerous for killers.

Bite the Bullet (Leon S. Kennedy)

One of the best Resident Evil protagonists is not left behind when it comes to good perks in Dead by Daylight. Bite the Bullet allows you to heal yourself and others in complete silence, supressing grunts of pain and the bandaging noise in its entirety. You will also not activate a notification sound if you happen to fail a skill check. This is a great replacement for the now nerfed Iron Will, as it lets you become completely silent whenever you’re injured. Combined with the previously mentioned perks, a med-kit or Self-Care, the killer will think you simply vanished.

Off the Record (Zarina Kassir)

This perk is a great replacement for the heavily nerfed Decisive Strike. Off the Record activates for 80 seconds whenever you get unhooked. This perk prevents your aura from being revealed to the killer, suppresses grunts of pain when injured and grants the Endurance status effect. If you’re the type of unlucky survivor that gets tunneled and sacrificed first on every match, this perk is for you.

Boil Over (Kate Denson)

Now more than ever, even the most experienced killers will get annoyed by survivors using Boil Over. This perk increases the intensity of your struggle effects on the killer by 80% when they’re carrying you. It also obscures the auras of the hooks from the killer in a 16 metres radius. Also (like it wasn’t enough) your struggle meter will raise by 33% of your current wiggle progression upon landing when the killer drops from great heights. There isn’t much to say about this perk other than it greatly pressures the killer. If they aren’t fast enough when trying to hook you, you will most likely break free from their grasp. This will allow you to generate even more time for your team and another sweet chance of escaping.

Windows of Opportunity (Kate Denson)

Another one exclusive of Kate Denson until Prestige 1, Windows of Opportunity allows you to see the auras of windows, pallets and breakable walls within 32 metres. This perk will always be useful during chases. It allows you to focus on your possible loop points, increasing your chances to escape the killer and waste their time. This perk is amazing for both experienced and new players, so it’s definitely worth equipping it in your build.


This is a generic perk that is available to all survivors in their corresponding bloodwebs. This perk grants you 20% of additional movement speed when walking. It also allows you to see your own scratch marks at all times. This is a good replacement for Urban Evasion, as it lets you sneak away from an area without leaving scratch marks at an even higher speed. All of it while knowing about your own scratch marks, so you can also use it to confuse the killer.

Survivors will need a strong build, coordination and teamwork to succesfully escape.

Survivors will need a strong build, coordination and teamwork to succesfully escape.

The Best Killer Perks in Dead by Daylight

Now that we’ve covered a few of the most useful survivor perks in its current state, it is now time for the killers to shine. Back in the day, the best killer perks in Dead by Daylight were probably Hex: Ruin and BBQ & Chilli. These are still great perks without a doubt, but there are some that can be undeniably better for your build. These are the best Dead by Daylight Killer Perks as of October 2022:

Hex: Plaything (The Cenobite)

This Hex will activate whenever you hook each of the 4 survivors for the first time. Hex: Plaything will activate on a random dull totem. The survivor that got hooked for the first time will suffer from the Oblivious status effect, meaning they won’t be able to hear your terror radius until the correpsonding totem is cleansed. This is a great perk not only to surprise and down survivors that are unaware of your presence, but it also makes them to lose time by not repairing generators and looking for their corresponding totems instead. We advise you to not use any other hex perks while using this one, as you will need at least 4 of the total 5 dull totems on the map to be able to activate it on each survivor.

Hex: Blood Favour (The Blight)

Tired of getting stunned by survivors with their fancy pallets? This perk is for you then. Whenever a survivor gets injured, all pallets within 32 metres of the injured survivor will become blocked by the entity fro 15 seconds, avoiding them to get dropped in the meantime. This is a very useful perk for all killers that don’t have a one-hit downing power, and it’s even more useful for ranged killers (such as The Huntress or The Trickster).

Corrupt Intervention (The Plague)

If there’s a perk that hasn’t lost its impact since its very release even after getting nerfed, Corrupt Intervention is definitely it. At the start of the match, this perk blocks the 3 farthest generators from you for 120 seconds. The perk prematurely deactivates if a survivor gets put in the dying state during that time. This is perfect to make Survivors lose time, as they usually spawn in the farthest possible generators from your location, so they will have to find another generator to repair. You won’t have to worry about those 3 generators getting repaired for that time, which will be very helpful when patrolling the rest of them.

Thrilling Tremors (The Ghostface)

This perk is a very nice replacement for BBQ & Chilli (which doesn’t give you that sweet 100% bonus bloodpoints anymore). Whenever you carry a survivor, this perk activates and blocks for 16 seconds all the generators that aren’t being repaired. Thrilling Tremors can only be activated every 60 seconds. This is already great to avoid getting generators repaired while you’re hooking a survivor, but it also allows you to see which generators are being repaired, as you can clearly distinguish generators that didn’t get blocked through their auras.

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance (The Artist)

In order to activate this perk, you must hang a survivor on a scourge hook. These hooks have a white aura, different from the regular red aura. Each time a survivor is hooked on a scourge hook, the perk activates and the generator with the most progression explodes, instantly losing 15% of its progression. This perk is good to locate the generator with the most progression after hooking a survivor, but it’s even better if you combine it with the next perk on the list.

Dead Man’s Switch (The Deathslinger)

This perk activates for 30 seconds whenever you hook a survivor. Any survivor that stops repairing a generator during that time will block the generator until the perk deactivates. This perk isn’t that bad on its own, but combined with Pain Resonance is very annoying for survivors. This combination will cause the most progressed generator to explode AND automatically get blocked for 30 seconds, as survivors will suffer the exploding effect from Pain Resonance, triggering Dead Man’s Switch as well. This combination can be countered by experienced survivors, but as long as the effect of these two perks can be stacked, it will always be annoying for survivors.

Merciless Storm (The Onryō)

Combined with Hex: Ruin, this perk is a nightmare for unaware survivors. Whenever a survivor gets to the 90% progress of a generator, this perk activates and the survivor faces continuous skill checks. If the survivor fails a skill check or stops repairing, the generator gets blocked for 20 seconds. The continuous skill checks will not represent a big deal for experienced survivors… But this perk is very useful to apply pressure on survivors and force them to stay on the generator, allowing you to catch them while they’re busy with it. Not to mention that unexperienced survivors won’t have a chance against this perk, which is always an awful surprise for them. Take note that Merciless Storm only activates once per generator in the trial.

Monitor & Abuse (The Doctor)

This perk has also remained as one of the best in Dead by Daylight for a long time. Its effects are very simple and you will barely notice the difference during each trial. But used on the correct killers, this perk is brutal. During a chase, your terror radius is increased by 8 metres. In all other instances, your terror radius is reduced by 8 metres. This perk is brilliant on killers that aren’t undetectable but have a smaller terror radius (such as The Shape). The terror radius reduction is great when trying to surprise survivors, and the increase is also great to pressure the other survivors when you’re chasing one. You also get a nice field of view bonus too, so… 

Killers always have the clear advantage... If they know how to keep it.

Killers always have the clear advantage… If they know how to keep it.

That was it for Dead by Daylight’s best perks as of October 2022! These combinations are brutal, both for killers and survivors. Make sure to elaborate your build using the perks you feel comfortable with, that will also be key to achieve your goals in the realm of The Entity and its trials. You must also remember to combine these perks with good add-ons and offerings, so stack as much bloodpoints as you can because you will be using them A LOT to unlock them.

Dead by Daylight is available for PC, PS4 & PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. There’s also cross-play options available between all of these platforms. The game is going to face a few changes in the Mori and Endgame system soon, so stay tuned for updates and see you all in the fog!