Dead by Daylight Teases Lunar New Year 2023 Event: Moonlight Burrow

Dead by Daylight teases the Lunar New Year 2023 event while also launching early celebrations today, January 17th with previously released cosmetics and a lobby theme. Soon to come though, are the Red Envelopes and a brand new event-exclusive object.

Dead by Daylight Teases Lunar New Year 2023 Event Moonlight Burrow

The Dead by Daylight Lunar New Year 2023 event is on the way for the year of the rabbit. This event is titled ‘Moonlight Burrow’ and celebrations for the event will be starting a little earlier. As of today, January 17th 2023, previous event cosmetics will be available for purchase, and you’ll see a festive overhaul for the lobby. The full extent of this event, however, is yet to come.

On January 24th 2023, we’ll see the iconic hooks, generators and exit gates gain their appropriate decorations. The Red Envelope that has appeared in previous years will also be returning and will be available in the bloodweb. If you’re lucky enough to find these, use them as your Offering before a trial, and when inside, you’ll be able to find the envelope in-game. Once opened, you’ll gain 5000 bloodpoints as well as a cosmetic reward.

Not only is the Red Envelope returning in the Dead by Daylight Lunar New Year 2023 event, but it’s bringing along a friend. Paper Lanterns are new, interactable objects that can be found in-game. You could find these in an unused Totem spot within the trial. Interacting with one as either survivor or killer will reward some short buffs; haste movement speed and increased vaulting speed.

Look forward to the Dead by Daylight Lunar New Year 2023 event! Early celebrations start on January 17th, and the full extent will be available on January 24th 2023. If you haven’t already, go ahead and check out the asymmetrical horror, available on all major platforms.

Dead by Daylight | Moonlight Burrow Event 2023

SOURCE: Dead by Daylight Official Website

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