Dead by Daylight Is Getting a Movie Adaptation

Dead by Daylight is coming to the big screen, with an original movie in the works. Partnering with Blumhouse and Atomic Monster to bring the world of The Entity to the big screen, here is everything we know so far regarding the film.

Dead by Daylight Is Getting a Movie Adaptation

As announced on the game’s official Twitter account, Dead by Daylight is getting a movie adaptation. This is exciting news for horror fans everywhere. A video game based on celebrating the countless horror icons from the big screen… coming to the big screen? It’s going to be one big, gory celebration.

Behaviour Interactive is partnering with Blumhouse, the production company behind the latest Halloween reboot, M3GANInsidious, and more. Not only this, but they’re also partnering with Atomic Monster, the company behind Anabelle, The Nun, and other notable contemporary horror movies. Undoubtedly, these production companies will give a Dead by Daylight movie the best chance of success. While it’s still very much in pre-production, looking for a screenwriter and director, it’s something to be excited about nonetheless and look forward to in the coming years.

For the game itself, this could potentially open the door for future licensing of new in-game content. The world of The Entity appearing on the big screen will be very interesting. Will they perhaps show the story of Dwight, Claudette, Jake and Meg at the mercy of The Trapper, or will they go a different route, in search of new characters with new stories? Only time will tell.

Are you looking forward to the Dead by Daylight movie? Let us know down below.

Dead by Daylight | Tools Of Torment | Official Trailer

SOURCE: Dead by Daylight Official Website

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