Why Fans Are Already Disappointed With Chapter 27 in Dead by Daylight

Chapter 27: Tools of Torment in Dead by Daylight has already received negative feedback since its reveal and subsequent Public Test Server release. What exactly went wrong, and what does the future look like for the asymmetrical horror?

Why Fans Are Already Disappointed With Chapter 27 in Dead by Daylight

Chapter 27 of Dead by Daylight hasn’t even been released yet, and the community is not happy. Set to introduce a brand new killer, two survivors and a set of personal perks for each character, Tools of Torment will release on March 7th 2023. After playing the PTB (Public Test Build), however, many fans raced to voice their disappointment with the content. With two poorly received chapters in a row, is the future of Dead by Daylight looking grim?

Lacklustre Killer

The Skull Merchant will be the newest killer to enter the trials. She’s the first one to introduce a proper mechanical, futuristic technological aspect to a killer. This was beyond exciting for fans. Seeing her official design though, disappointed many. Players were expecting a character that was less human such as a killer cyborg. As it turns out, she’s a human with a mask. The Demogorgon and The Dredge are so far the only non-human killers to be introduced. It’s clear that the demand is for more variation between these characters and it’s a shame really, as this was definitely a missed opportunity.

The Skull Merchant, Dead by Daylight's upcoming killer

The Skull Merchant, Dead by Daylight’s upcoming killer

On top of this, her overall power and perks aren’t favoured, either. It seems that she plays like a jack of all trades, yet a master of none. Her overall gameplay design seems very similar to others, being an ‘Area of Control’ killer, yet she doesn’t do anything differently from similar killers such as The Trapper or The Hag. On top of this, her mori animation unfortunately isn’t very exciting, either. A new killer is arguably the most important part of any new chapter, they have the ability to sway the game’s meta and dictate the future of the game for the next three months. This time, fans would rather she didn’t.

Underwhelming Survivors

Twins Renato Lyra and Thalita Lyra come with this chapter. The concept of having two individual survivors linked as siblings is pretty interesting. I like that they’ve also decided to make one of their three perks both match each other, those being ‘Teamwork: Power of Two’ and ‘Teamwork: Collective Stealth’. People’s opinions differ on how effective or enjoyable these perks will be, most agreeing that they’re not all that useful

Renato Lyra and Thalita Lyra, the new survivors coming soon

Renato Lyra and Thalita Lyra, the new survivors coming soon

As for the other perks, they’re not particularly strong, but a couple of them do seem quite fun to use. I’d argue that perks don’t have to be strong to be enjoyable to use, but that’s just my opinion. Often times survivors feel that they must equip strong perks that’ll get them out of sticky situations, or else the game will feel unenjoyable overall. This is how the game has always been though, so it’s about how you individually wish to play.

Concerning Future

After the removal of the Stranger Things DLC for the game, things felt like they were going a little downhill. Come Roots of Dread, the hyped Anniversary Chapter, players felt underwhelmed. Then, with Forged in Fog and now Tools of Destruction having a bad reception, too, the future is concerning for the asymmetrical horror. It’s at a point now, where not many big game-changing adjustments are being made. New content isn’t receiving much praise, and the gameplay has been labelled as feeling stale due to the lack of changes on top of the underwhelming content.

The most worrying part is that I fear Dead by Daylight may need to rely on future licensed content in order to remain popular. For obvious reasons, the most well-received content comes from its crossovers. It’s what makes the game so appealing to people who haven’t played before, and is often the reason for spikes in the player base. It shouldn’t have to rely on these chapters, though. Original content can be just as fun and engaging as licensed content if done right.

What do you make of Dead by Daylight Chapter 27: Tools of Torment? Will you be buying it? Let us know down below your pre-thoughts on the latest content coming soon.

Dead by Daylight | Tools Of Torment | Official Trailer

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