Freddy Krueger’s Coming To Dead By Daylight

Be careful not to fall asleep - or else Freddy will get ya! To celebrate the Halloween festivities, developers Behaviour Interactive, have today announced that the infamous film character, Freddy Kruger, will be coming to multiplayer horror survival game - Dead by Daylight.

Freddy Krueger’s coming to Dead by Daylight
The new chapter for Dead by Daylight was today announced in a press release, confirming a 'Nightmare in Elm Street' chapter to the game. Freddy will join the likes of Leatherface, from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Halloween's Micheal Myers.

Although details on the new character were fairly minimal, the official announcement within the trailer (shown at the bottom of the article) says that: “Freddy will instill fear in you, and it doesn’t matter if you’re awake or asleep. He and his claw clad hand will find you — so keep running.

Furthermore, no official pricing for The Nightmare in Elm Street' chapter has been announced, but similar DLC's, e.g. the Leatherface DLC, have been available from $6.99 and $7.99 upon their launch. If you wish to purchase Dead by Daylight then you can do so from either Steam, the Playstation Store, or Microsoft Store (where the game is currently reduced!).

Dead by Daylight | A Nightmare on Elm Street™ | Official Trailer

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