Dead by Daylight Teases New Forged in Fog Content

A new teaser for Dead by Daylight's upcoming content with the title ‘Forged in Fog' was revealed earlier today on Twitter. Could this be Chapter 26, introducing a new original killer, survivor, cosmetics and more? All will be revealed very soon.

Dead by Daylight Teases New Forged in Fog Content

Earlier today on the official Dead by Daylight Twitter, a new teaser for the Forged in Fog content took centre stage. Could this be the next chapter, including a new original killer and survivor? The ominous short teaser trailer shows a bloody, corroded sword amidst flames. Distant sounds of metal clanging can be heard as if someone is crafting something at a forge. Then, at the end, the content’s title is revealed. What does it all mean?

Rumours have been spreading for a while now regarding Chapter 26 in Dead by Daylight, which could be the Forged in Fog content. According to ‘DbDLeaks’ on Twitter, it’ll be inspired by For Honor. Obviously, take this with a grain of salt. No information that comes from any leakers is set in stone. ‘DbD Leaks’, however, are well-known for their accuracy. So far, it seems that Chapter 26 is heading in the direction that they implied it would.

More will be revealed on November 1st. Then, we’ll be coming up to Christmas, when the Stranger Things chapter is rumoured to be returning. Again, take this information with a whole bag of salt. Everything is up in the air until it is officially announced. Are you looking forward to some new Dead by Daylight content with the Forged in Fog chapter? Let us know down below, and check out the game’s official website if you haven’t yet purchased the asymmetrical horror.

Dead by Daylight | Forged In Fog | Teaser

SOURCE: Dead by Daylight Official Twitter Account

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