Dead by Daylight New Chapter Ringu Arrives In 2022

Dead by Daylight collaborates with Ringu in its latest chapter arriving in 2022. Featuring lore and content from the original story, this will be one hair-raising chapter for sure. Here's everything that we know so far about chapter 23.

Dead by Daylight New Chapter Ringu Arrives In 2022

Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical horror is back with a brand new chapter. Dead by Daylight brings Ringu, a pretty iconic Japanese horror book and movie to its expansive universe. The movie adaptation of the book saw an American remake in 2002 called The Ring. Western audiences may be more familiar with this title. However, the crossover will be taking its lore from the original story.

While it is rather surprising to see a new chapter teaser so soon in Dead by Daylight after the release of Chapter 22: A Portrait Of A Murder, it is welcome nonetheless. We will most likely see Sadako Yamamura take on the role of the killer in this new chapter. Nothing has been confirmed so far, however. All that we know so far is that it will release in March 2022 and that it is based on the original material.

An ominous well sits, empty...

An ominous well sits, empty…

After the Stranger Things chapter left, the supernatural side of the game has felt a little more void. This will certainly add another layer of horror to the game that could even fill the Demogorgon-shaped hole that has been left in the hearts of many players.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of in-game content arrives within this chapter. Are you looking forward to the new chapter in Dead by Daylight Ringu? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments. If you’re a horror or a multiplayer fan and you haven’t already checked out the game, you might just find a new game to add to that Christmas list. Dead by Daylight is available on most major platforms now.

Dead by Daylight | Ringu | Announcement Trailer

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