What Could the Dead by Daylight Anniversary 2022 Chapter Be?

Dead by Daylight will soon host its Anniversary 2022 event, and with it will come a brand new chapter. From rumours of huge licenses to leaks hinting at an original chapter, let's have a look at some of the biggest names in horror that could make it into the asymmetrical horror soon enough.

What Could the Dead by Daylight Anniversary 2022 Chapter Be

The Dead by Daylight Anniversary for 2022 is getting closer. There have been huge amounts of speculation and potential ‘leaks’ in recent months. Why you might ask? In the series’ past, Anniversary Chapters have been known to bring an enormous amount of hype to the game. From Ghost Face and Resident Evil to Silent Hill, it’s often a well-known license.

What’s strange about this year’s chapters is that the Sadako Rising chapter actually released before the anniversary. As a pretty iconic horror film, anyone would’ve thought that this would be the one to celebrate the game’s original release. This has led to many people believing that the anniversary must somehow be even bigger than Ringu.

Let’s have a look at the many popular rumours and discussions to see what is potentially in-store this year-round. So, in no particular order…

Slender Man

Slender Man is an iconic horror villain in the videogame industry. Yeah, let’s not talk about his film appearance, we’ll pretend that never happened. After the original Eight Pages game, this creature took the internet by storm, spiralling into Slender: The Arrival which is what fans of Dead by Daylight want to see adapted into a chapter. Slender Man himself would obviously be the new killer, while the survivor could potentially be Lauren, Kate or CR.

Could Slender be our next supernatural killer?

Could Slender be our next supernatural killer?

As far as aesthetics go, Slender would fit right into the game. That torturous level in which he chases you through an abandoned mine whilst you have to activate six generators sounds pretty familiar, don’t you think? Not to mention the original eight pages level which just screams MacMillan Estate. Although the license may be a little difficult to grasp due to the franchise’s current fragmented nature, The Arrival’s official Twitter account had this to say when the question of Slender being added to the game was brought up, which is interesting. What could it mean? Strange that they’d respond to this specifically.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Probably the most expected chapter this year is none other than FNAF. Everyone’s heard of this one. From community chapters to mass YouTube and forum speculation, it’s all over the community right now. For some reason, people have almost convinced themselves that it’s the official anniversary 2022 chapter. Although recent leaks say that it is definitely not FNAF, I’m not entirely persuaded until the reveal.

Springtrap would bring a new form of horror to the game

Springtrap would bring a new form of horror to the game

There’s no doubt that the killer, rumoured to be Springtrap would fit well in the Dead by Daylight universe. I think that featuring more monstrous, less human-like killers is something that the game could benefit from as they did with The Demogorgon. A killer animatronic programmed to ruthlessly murders anyone it sees? I’d say that’s pretty terrifying. I can only imagine its intense, mechanical chase theme. It’s also quite interesting to have inhuman characters that have different reasons for killing rather than just being insane or having a desire to murder.


Another popular license that fans would love to see in the game. An iconic horror franchise that features an outlandish creature. The video game, Alien: Isolation places the player in the shoes of someone trying to survive this creature that brutally murders any living beings on a distant space station. You’re constantly hiding from this horrific, murderous alien and trying to evade it at all costs. There’s no doubt it would make for an interesting chapter.

The Xenomorph would make for a terrifying new killer

The Xenomorph would make for a terrifying new killer

I think it would definitely fit the Dead by Daylight universe. A Sevastopol Station map, The Xenomorph killer and maybe even Amanda Ripley as a survivor. There’s a lot of potential with this one, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that it could come at some point in the future. Whether or not it is the Anniversary Chapter, I do think it has a shot at getting in at some point down the line, as long as the license holders are happy to share.

Stranger Things: Chapter 2

Ever since the Stranger Things license was retracted and all its content was pulled from the game, fans have been practically begging for it to return. However, now that the anniversary is coming up, could there be potential for a surprise renewal plus all-new content? With suggestions such as a Starcourt Mall map, The Mind Flayer’s physical form as a killer and Joyce, Hopper or Robin as a new survivor, it’s hard not to imagine it.

Will Stranger Things really return?

Will Stranger Things really return?

Unfortunately, due to current undisclosed disputes between Behaviour Entertainment and Netflix, a brand new Stranger Things chapter doesn’t seem likely. At this point, whether or not the old cosmetics and characters can even return is unknown, but I’m personally hoping that everything comes back soon with Season 4, Volume 1 of the TV show hitting Netflix on May 25th, but we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.


Many people are talking about Pennywise. He seems like such an obvious option for the game to include. After managing to acquire huge licenses such as Stranger Things and Hellraiser, it’s not a stretch to assume that BHVR is on the lookout to grab the terrifying, dancing clown. With his red balloon and terrifying lore, he’ll give The Clown from DbD a run for his money.

Pennywise could make his videogame debut soon enough

Pennywise could make his videogame debut soon enough

The Dead by Daylight Anniversary Chapter for 2022 could have something as huge as this in store for us. As discussed earlier, this specific chapter has the potential to be even more iconic than Ringu. Whether or not that is true is difficult to tell, but from past events, it almost seems like it just might be. An IT chapter would undoubtedly be a brilliant addition to the game, once again introducing an inhuman killer.

Original Chapter

Now, let’s get down to more recent ‘leaks’. Apparently, leakers have stated on Twitter that the new chapter is looking to be an original one. Many players did not seem to take well to this. The community is expecting a huge license this year, which is potentially setting them up for disappointment. There’s no hard rule that the Anniversary Chapter has to be a licensed chapter, after all.

A new original chapter is possible, and looking quite likely

A new original chapter is possible, and looking quite likely

While this may be a little disheartening to hear to some, others are quite happy to have the actual lore of the game’s universe expanded upon. Behaviour Entertainment’s original killers and survivors are very creative and have a lot of love and thought poured into them. As exciting as speculating the next crossover is, like with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the chances of the chapter being original are still there, and that’s perfectly fine.

So, what do you think the new Dead by Daylight Anniversary 2022 Chapter will actually be, or what do you want it to be? I’m personally rooting for Stranger Things 2, but I’m not sure it’ll happen, so I’ll go with Slender Man on this one.

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