Pokemon GO Losing Millions of Daily Users

Graphs have been released by Axiom Capital Management showing that Pokemon Go's daily user base has dropped by over 15 million since July. In addition, engagement with the app has decreased over 50 percent.

Pokemon GO Losing Millions of Daily Users
It would seem that Niantic's wildly-popular Pokemon GO app is beginning to lose the public's interest. At least, that was the impression given when Axiom Capital Management released a number of graphs, which indicate that Pokemon GO has lost a substantial amount of daily users since this past July.

Apptopia graph showcasing the decline in active daily users
The graphs in question – sourced from research companies such as Google Topics and Apptopia – show Pokemon GO has lost nearly 15 million daily users in the past month. On top of that, engagement with the game looks to have fallen by around 50 percent, with a brief boost at the start of August.

Graph showing the declining engagement with Pokemon GoReflecting on the potential reaction by investors in social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter, Axiom senior analyst Victor Anthony stated:

"The declining trends should assuage investor concerns about the impact of Pokemon Go on time spent on the above-named companies."

Pokemon GO was first launched on July 6th, to mixed reviews but widespread popularity and commercial success. It remains to be seen if this success will endure in the coming months.

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    Yeah people have caught them all until the next batch of pokemon are released.



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