Pokemon GO Update Removes Certain Features

Update 1.1.0 of Niantic's latest app, Pokemon GO, was released on July 30th. Among other things, it removes or modifies existing game mechanics - including doing away with the "three footstep" tracking system entirely.

On July 30th, update 1.1.0 for Niantic's popular app Pokemon GO was released to the general public. Among its many additions and tweaks, the update sought to outright remove entire features from the game – including the ability to track nearby Pokemon using the "three footprint" on-screen indicator.  There have been no additions thus far to replace said ability, which allowed players to more accurately locate Pokemon in their immediate vicinity.

Niantic has not yet commented on the removal of the indicator or other modifications, nor has the developer addressed speculation that they may be limiting the ability of third-party apps (such as PokeVision) to interact with GO.

Pokemon GO first launched in North America and Australia on July 6th, garnering mixed reviews yet quickly becoming one of the most downloaded apps worldwide.


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    Does it really count as removing when it hasn’t worked right in weeks?

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      Hehe, true 🙂


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