Newest Pokemon GO update introduces “Sighting” system

Niantic introduces a new Pokemon tracking system, a fix to the infamous Pokeball bug, and a chance to change usernames in their latest PokemonGO update, available now.

Pokémon GO icon
In an attempt to allay fan complaints over the lack of tracking found in Pokemon GO, developer Niantic has added a system called "Sightings" in the mobile game's newest update. According to reddit message boards, the new system scans every 10 seconds in order to show players the closest available Pokemon within 200 meters (700 feet).

Other notable additions include the option to change your username once and the fixing of the game's infamous Pokeball throwing glitch that prevented "Nice", "Great", and "Excellent" throws from awarding appropriate bonuses. Dialogue boxes have always been introduced to remind trainers that they should not play while driving or moving at a certain speed, forcing them to indicate whether or not they're the driver in order to continue using the app.

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A previous update to the massively popular mobile game saw the removal of the "three footprint" on-screen indicator that allowed layers to track Pokemon in their immediate vicinity. No word has yet been announced as to whether or not the feature may return.

First launched in North America and Australia on July 6, Pokemon GO became one the world's most downloaded apps despite garnering mixed reviews from gaming press.

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