Latest Pokemon GO Datamine Shows Features Involving Route Badges, Stamps, and More

Previously revealed from an initial leak, the latest attempt at a datamine for Pokemon GO's updated code has led to further understanding of its developing features. Gravitating towards "routes," new elements such as badges, stamps, the presence of new NPC, dialog, among others, have surfaced. Exciting times ahead for the still going Pokemon GO community.

Latest Pokemon GO Datamine Shows Features Involving Route Badges, Stamps, and More

The newest effort to take a look into Pokemon GO’s updated code has unveiled hidden features that could see implementation down the road.

Some of the most recent discoveries seen in the game’s modified lines of code are functionalities revolving around “routes”. As of version 0.205.0, new parameters were added, giving more elaborate details of what to expect from them.

It appears that traveling specific areas and the wonders that come with them being the focal point. More specifically, the elements at play once they reach viability, like getting badges, stamps, new NPC, dialog, etc. Which meant new collectibles and overall general new ways to experience the game and make it exciting to existing players.

Any diehard fan of Pokemon GO should find these new features interesting for their added novelty. Practically what an enduring game as it is would need if it’s to maintain its equally longstanding player base. This year, after all, would mark the game’s fifth successful year since taking the world by storm with its innovative gameplay back in 2016.

It is worth noting, however, that while inferences are possible from codes, it’s still the developers who still have the final say. This means that, like all previous datamining attempts, these latest discoveries are potentially fickle by nature. That is, subject to change and under the whim of its developers.

Pokémon originally discovered in the Kalos region are now in Pokémon GO!

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