Ditto can now be caught in Pokémon GO!

Grab your Pokéballs, Ditto is out there! The long-awaited Pokémon is finally available to catch on Pokémon GO, and it brings with it some interesting effects on gameplay. Ditto can masquerade as any Pokémon, meaning the next one you catch could be the mysterious blob!

Ditto can now be caught in Pokémon GO!
The strange purple blob Ditto is one of the most well known Pokémon in the entire franchise, and after a long wait, he is finally able to be caught in Pokémon GO.

Ditto has the very interesting ability to mimic other Pokemon, meaning that when you capture any Pokémon out in the world, it could indeed be the elusive purple blob, you'll only find out once you've caught it. This trait also carries over to gameplay, meaning that when training or battling at a Gym, Ditto will mimic the attributes of the first Pokémon it sees, possibly allowing you to mimic some of the best, or indeed worst Pokémon in the game. He will continue to mimic the first Pokémon he sees for the remainder of the battle within a specific Gym, meaning that you could easily attain the abilities of one of the best Pokémon available, or you could be destroyed at every turn. It is a very high risk high reward tactic.

So what are you waiting for? Unlock your phone, load up Pokémon GO, and get hunting!

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    i love this article, keep it up 😀


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