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How to Earn 4 Million EXP at Once in Pokémon GO

Achieving the higher levels in Pokémon GO is the definition of a grind; we can help with that! Requiring millions of experience points to reach the player cap beyond level 35; getting to level 40 alon...

Latest Pokémon Press Conference Reveals Four New Pokémon Titles and More

A Pokémon press conference streamed last night has revealed a flurry of new information about the company's future plans. On top of a variety of real life innovations, a total of four new games were r...

Pokémon GO finally getting long requested feature

After all the waiting, trainers who stuck with Pokémon GO are finally being treated to a long awaited and often requested feature. It was announced earlier today after a series of cryptic image tweets...

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10 Essential 1st Generation Pokémon Terms and Phrases

These ten phrases, words, lingo, and items on this list are essential to playing and understanding first generation Pokémon games for beginners to the Pokémon series. If you are a Pokémon newbie or ju...

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New Community Event and Legendaries available in Pokémon GO

In a new update, Pokémon GO will make Kyogre and Groudon available this week alongside Rayquaza in raid battles. On Feb 24th, the second 'Community Day' for the app will take place allowing players to...

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Pokémon GO Gets New Update

Pokémon GO is celebrating Valentine's Day this week by giving players a higher chance of catching certain Pokémon and earning additional Stardust. On top of this, update 0.91.2 was released on Android...

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Big Updates Coming to Pokemon GO

If you've stopped playing Pokemon GO, its newly resigned gyms and features may be enough for you to dust off the app. A new gym system and items will be arriving this month. It's been almost a ye...

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Top 5 Tips for Pokémon GO

Returning to the Pokémon GO madness in the summer? Here's 5 tips for you to be the very best that no one ever was! New things are coming to Pokémon GO really soon. Rumored to be legendary Pok&e...

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Is Pokémon Go still worth playing right now?

Pokémon Go is nearing its 1 year mark and while it is still quite active, it's not nearly as popular as it was last summer. However, is it worth playing or getting back into? Well I believe it's a goo...

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