Pokemon Go Drops 79%, but Still Remains on Top

Despite dropping it's proportion of paid users so significantly, the mobile app sensation still holds a huge chunk of the mobile gaming market, owning more than a quarter of the total and boasting nearly seven times the sales revenue of its closest competitor Candy Crush Saga.

Pokemon Go Drops 79%, but Still Remains on Top
Analytics company Slice Intelligence reported Friday that mobile sensation Pokemon Go has dropped 79% of its paying users since it's peak on July 15, but still continues to generate more revenue than other mobile games in the market.

Having earned 28.4% of total game revenue in the United States in August, the app's closest competitor, Candy Crush Saga, earned 4.5% in comparison. Slice also states that US online shoppers drove a huge spike in Pokemon merchandise during that same month.

Pokemon Go data courtesy of Slice Intelligence
Pokemon Go has recently been slated for release on Apple Watch, and the game's Plus accessory begins shipping this Friday.

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