Pokémon GO Gets New Update

Pokémon GO is celebrating Valentine's Day this week by giving players a higher chance of catching certain Pokémon and earning additional Stardust. On top of this, update 0.91.2 was released on Android devices as well as 1.61.2 on the iOS; it's a small update, which developers, Niantic, say is aimed at fixing minor bug issues.

Pokémon GO Gets New Update
Furthermore, until Thursday, February 15th, the big holiday event will be taking place. As part of the event, it increases the chances of running into Pokémon like, Chansey and Luvdisc, and it gives the player triple Stardust for each of those the player captures.

Besides this update, the upcoming Pokémon GO Community Day is quickly approaching, which will take place February 24th. Similar to the Community Day last month, players will have the opportunity to capture a special Dratini that knows a move normal Drantinis do not know. 

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