Pokemon GO Dev Promotes Earth Day With Sustainability Week Event

In paying tribute to Mother Nature, Niantic is announcing its plan to roll out the Sustainability Week campaign in Pokemon GO for Earth Day. For five days beginning April 20, players will get to engage in real-life unified efforts that will make certain bonuses possible if certain conditions are met. Players will also be entitled for free aesthetic gear that will serve as a commemoration of the once-a-year occasion.

Pokemon GO Dev Promotes Earth Day Campaign With Sustainability Week Event

To celebrate Earth Day, Niantic is going to roll out a campaign that sees Pokemon GO players working cooperatively towards common goals via Sustainability Week.

Dubbed as such, the event asks players to participate and become involved in the annual occasion for unlockable perks. That is, bonuses are based on the collective efforts’ accomplishment of various real-life objectives.

Eco-friendliness as the theme, said goals include picking up trash in the neighborhood, planting trees, or simply helping out in the local community.

As per Pokemon GO’s blog, beginning April 20 until April 25, the community will have the chance to unlock the following:

  • Greater chances for five-star raids at 2500 activations (Tier 1).
  • Bundle giveaway, which includes three Remote Raid Passes in the shop at 5000 activations (Tier 2).
  • Twice the Catch EXP bonus at 10000 activations (Tier 3).

It is worth noting that previously unlocked tier rewards will remain active even when a higher-level tier is also unlocked. For example, Tier 1 reward will remain accessible even when conditions for Tier 2 are already met. The same is true for Tier 3, where rewards for Tier 1 and Tier 2 will stay active afterward.

In addition to the aforementioned, a free Sustainability Week T-Shirt can also be gotten during the event.

For more information regarding the upcoming event, check out the following supplementary blogs, with one being details of the action to be taken and the other giving information on the campaign.

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