Weird Pokemon GO Glitch Causes Skrelp, Clauncher to Vanish from Players’ View

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has sent word over an identified glitch that is causing two recently added Pokemon to become invisible from players' sight on the overworld. The root cause of the issue was easily found out, prompting users affected by it to opt for the solution. Meanwhile, a new event awaits on the horizon.

Weird Pokemon GO Glitch Causes Skrelp, Clauncher to Vanish from Players’ View

An issue identified to be a cause of a bug is causing two Pokemon, Skrelp and Clauncher, to become invisible.

Announcing the glitch is developer Niantic who claims that the issue makes the said Pokemon to become unseen from an overworld perspective. Consequently, due to the bug, it makes encounter with the any of the water Pokemon duo to be far from possible.

The Pokemon GO dev was quick to investigate over the matter. Eventually, finding out that it is mostly prevalent among users who still cling to the game’s older version. That is, any version before 0.205.0.

With the root of the problem known, it makes updating the app an easy fix to the issue. Which is as simple as heading to either the App Store or Google Play Store and prompting the update from there.

Skrelp and Clauncher were recent additions to Pokemon GO via the recent Rival Week. Both were part of the 6th generation Pokemon, hailing from 3DS’s Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, respectively.

April has been a busy month for Pokemon GO, where it sees a series of events, including the aforementioned Rival Week. Next on the mobile game’s upcoming event is the Friendship Day Event on April 24th, 2021.

NEW RIVALS WEEK EVENT ANNOUNCED IN POKEMON GO! Skrelp & Clauncher Debut / Fighting Type Spawns

Video used created by LiftingandZombies.

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