Pokemon Go updates

Everyone is going crazy over Pokémon Go which was release on 6th June 2016 for Australia/New Zealand and USA at the moment. While the rest of the world will need to wait a bit longer until they resolved the server issues and bugs in the game.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game in which users can hunt and catch Pokémon in real time and in the real world. The game provides a map that is linked to your phone’s GPS and camera. It notifies you if there’s a Pokémon on your map, allowing you to travel to it and try to catch it by swiping a Pokéball on your phone screen.

You can customize your trainer avatar, get a starter Pokémon in the form of Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle, and are sent on your way by the new Pokémon Professor, Professor Willow. (Noted: you can get a Pikachu as your starter too as there's a trick to it.)

The map in the app also indicates where the nearest “PokéStops,” areas where you can pick up items such as Pokéballs, and gyms, where you can do battle with other trainers.

However be careful when playing the game. As a police station in Darwin, Australia, had to issue a warning on their Facebook page when they found that their building was the site of a PokéStop after several people tried to enter it in the name of Pokémon. Police and state officials have warned players about paying attention to their surrounding, and in a bizarre story, a teenage girl may have discovered a dead body while trying to catch a water Pokemon as a result of the game.

While the launch may have given fans worldwide the hype, many trainers are unable to log into the game, while others can do so but run into trouble when actually trying to catch Pokemon. In reality, it’s a disaster launch. Hopefully the Pokemon company and Niantic can resolve the issues at hand and roll out the official launch worldwide. 

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